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Fort Bragg Will Resume Water Disconnections for Nonpayment in September 2022

The following is a press release issued by the City of Fort Bragg:

A mural in Fort Bragg [Picture by Judy Valadao]

The State of California moratorium on disconnection of water accounts for non-payment ended December 31, 2021. In March 2022, the Fort Bragg City Council suspended the disconnection of residential accounts that were 60 days past due with balances under $2,000 through the end of August 2022 to allow customers to apply for the Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) Grant which rolled out in July 2022.

To avoid disconnection for non-payment, the full past-due account balance must be paid by
September 2, 2022. Customers can request a payment plan before the account is
disconnected, with a 20% down payment on the past due balance required. Past unpaid
balances must be paid in full within two months, and customers must stay current on new bills during this time.

There are Utility Assistance programs available to assist residential customers in reducing their past due bills:

  1. Utility Billing Assistance Program (UBAP) can assist up to $500 towards past due bills. For more information, visit the City of Fort Bragg’s Website or contact Lacy Peterson at lpeterson@fortbragg.com, (707) 961 2825 ext 108.
  2. Low-Income Household Water Assitance Program (LIHWAP) is available online through North Coast Energy Services and can provide $2,000 towards past-due bills. For questions about the program, please contact (707) 463-0303 or email at outreach@nces.org.

Questions regarding this information should be directed to the Finance Department at (707) 961-2825 ext 121 or email water@fortbragg.com.

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