Saturday, December 2, 2023

One Resident Burned, Two Structures Destroyed, Three Dogs Dead in Yesterday’s Old Fire Southeast of Ukiah

Firefighters working the Old Fire yesterday on Yokayo Ranch Road [All photographs provided by Peter Armstrong]

Yesterday afternoon the Old Fire ignited on Yokayo Ranch Road southeast of Ukiah prompting evacuation warnings and a multi-agency response before firefighters got control of the flames. 

Ukiah Valley Fire Authority Battalion Chief Eric Singleton revealed the Old Fire resulted in one patient airlifted due to burns, a trailer and home destroyed, and the death of three dogs.

Firefighters pouring water for the thirsty dog that was burned yesterday’s fire but survived and emerged seeking care from the firefighters at the scene [Picture from UVFA Eric Singleton]

Miraculously, while firefighters mopped up the scene, a fourth dog emerged from the burn area, clearly suffering from burns, and sought the care of the firefighters on scene. Battalion Chief Singleton told us they were able to provide immediate medical care and the dog is now in the care of Mendocino County Animal Control and expected to survive. 

The burn victim reportedly fled their home where the fire ignited, suffering burns, and ran to a neighbor alerting them which proved the first contact to authorities regarding the fire.

Ground and air resources converged on the fire and were able to stop it at one acre. A trailer and a house were destroyed. 

The cause of the Old Fire remains under investigation. 

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      • It wasn’t a meth lab or anything it was my home I grew up in, I lived there, that’s my property. I don’t know where the person got this information about it being a meth lab, but it’s incorrect. My family and I lost everything, so before you make assumptions get your facts straight.

  1. Thats very thoughtful of you.
    Help is always pleasing in Gods eyes. Judgemental calls he has no time for. Nevertheless what is needed is compassion for clearing an area which is beautiful and needs to be maintained. To be ready
    Thank you first resoonders

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