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Accused of Victimizing Multiple Women, Former UPD Sergeant Sentenced to Two Years Probation, a Suspended Prison Sentence

Kevin Murray [Mugshot from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Booking Logs]

This afternoon, former Ukiah Police Department Sergeant Kevin Murray was formally sentenced to two years probation and faces the potential of a suspended prison sentence if he steps out of line, Honorable Judge Ann Moorman said today in Courtroom G of the Mendocino County Superior Court.

Today’s sentencing was the final act in the story of Kevin Murray, a former Ukiah Police Department Sergeant who was fired after allegations of burglary, possession of methamphetamine, and sexual crimes against two women. A civil suit filed by a former UPD officer brought that number to three, accusing Murray of sexually assaulting his female colleague. 

Judge Ann Moorman told Murray if he was found drinking beer, owning a bow and arrow, or stepping out of lines drawn by his probation, he will face time in state prison. Judge Moorman told Murray, “Your conduct has caused damage to Ukiah Police Department that will take generations to heal.”

The case of former Ukiah Police Sergeant Kevin Murray has captivated the Mendocino County public since late January 2021 when charging documents revealed he was formally charged with burglary, sexual battery, possession of methamphetamine, and a violation of civil rights stemming from excessive use of force. These charges stem from a November 2020 incident in which Murray allegedly forced his way into a woman’s room at a Ukiah hotel and sexually assaulted her.

One month later, new charges emerged against Murray accusing him of forcing oral copulation at gunpoint in 2014.

In August 2021, Murray’s alleged behaviors became central to a civil suit filed by a former Ukiah Police Department officer who alleged Murray forced himself into her hotel room during an out-of-town training, stripped naked, and sexually assaulted her. The former officer described bringing her concerns forward to the command staff of the Ukiah Police Department and being met with indifference. 

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  1. We need to be out in front of this scumbag’s house in Lakeport with signs. The Judge and DA’s houses as well. We the people just took it up the A$$.

  2. I agree!! The DA, and the judge should be investigated to full extent! These people are a joke and the judge needs to remove honorable from her name!! Straight up sickening this shit happens all the time

  3. 2 yrs probation for rape? Not one but 3 times, cops are supposed to be good influence on community this is definitely as corrupt as it gets, and not even have to register as a sex offender😡😡

  4. These people are above the law. We can’t do shit about it! It’s always been this way. People in positions of power will always abuse it because they know they’ll be protected by their friends who are in positions of power. They break the laws & violate our rights & when they get caught its not a problem. They never really pay for their crimes. There is no sense of civic duty or any sense shame in being complicit with each others crimes. They spit in our faces regularly & nothing ever happens!

  5. They’re all a bunch of clowns, & this county is a circus. This is seriously pathetic, we can’t trust the own people we call to serve & protect us?!!!

  6. Well, it looks like the “Recall Ann Moorman” campaign got dealt a major strategic victory today. What are we, The People waiting for?

  7. Not surprised! The women of this town should be aware when they get pulled over! When they are training new recruits they pull everyone over so look, out if there’s one rapists abusive liar in the UPD there are others? X Chief Noble .. No Respect until it happens to them…

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