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Mendocino County’s District Attorney Should ‘Do the Right Thing’ and Recuse Himself from the Noble Waidelich Investigation—Op-Ed


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EDITOR BRUCE ANDERSON of the Anderson Valley Advertiser reminds us why the cynicism about the handling of police misconduct cases locally.

"THE REPORT of the Sonoma County investigation of former Ukiah Police Chief Noble Waidelich has been forwarded to Mendo's District Attorney's office. Nobody knows what's in it or what they recommend for what is rumored to be an assault on a woman.

PREDICTION: The next thing we'll hear about the case is that Waidelich has hired (Sonoma County) attorney Chris Andrian and a plea bargain is being arranged involving no jail time. The DA will issue no pressrelease. The contents of the investigation will never be public, and when the plea bargain comes before Judge Moorman for rubber-stamping, the Judge will tell the public, “This is NOT to be interpreted as a slap on the wrist!”

I will add my own cynical thoughts.

Why is DA Dave suggesting more investigation might be needed by his office, and whether referring the case to the Attorney General’s Office for independent review and possible prosecution is still being pondered?

The fact of the matter is that DA Eyster played a big role in events that led to the downfall of Waidelich and his former fiancé, Amanda Carley. Eyster cast doubts professionally, and personally on Carley, the former domestic partner of the police chief, a former county probation officer, and a one-time employee in the District Attorney’s Office. The DA’s role was so large that originally he was named in a still-pending civil lawsuit filed by Carley against Waidelich and the county of Mendocino.

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Eyster escaped remaining as a defendant by asserting state law protections that he was acting in his official duties. Still, there is little doubt Eyster shut down Carley’s local career by placing her on a secret list of cops no longer allowed to testify in court proceedings because of concerns about their truthfulness. She has since moved to Southern California, achieved a license to be a state investigator, and works within the state corrections system.

Let’s face it. Given the widespread public cynicism surrounding the DA’s sweetheart plea deal with disgraced former Ukiah Police Sgt. Kevin Murray, ‘DA Dave’ needs to recuse himself and do the right thing. He should ask for an independent review and assessment of the former Police Chief’s case for possible prosecution. The public will accept nothing less.

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  1. I totally agree with Mr. Anderson’s plea to the public for the DA to recuse himself from the Waidelich case and turn it over to the attorney general’s office. Eyster has no business nor does he have the expertise to hear this case, not to mention there is a complete conflict of interest. Eyster protected this abuser once, what’s to say he won’t let him ride a second time. The victim’s of this abuser deserve to be heard, believed and given justice. They certainly will not get that from this DA.

    The public should be enraged by this DA. Agreeing to disgusting plea deals with a serial rapist, who was in a position of power, to start. How many cases of abusive has this DA not even charged ? using the excuse that he didn’t have the evidence to merit the charges. Is this really because he doesn’t have what it takes to win more than a simple DUI case. That seems to be his specialty. The people of Mendocino County deserve more than this DA can provide. It’s time to stand up and demand he step down! Eyster is a danger to our county. A danger to the women of our county. When is enough, enough?

  2. “I will add my own cynical thoughts.” Mike Geniella. Okay, I will too. Remember team—in Mendocino County nothing is ever like it seems. Take Mike Geniella and Bruce Anderson. As of late: political, cuddle-buddies versus D.A, Eyster. What’s this all about? Sure, Murray was a bad cop, and If Geniella and Anderson want to write him up as the equivalent of Whitey Bulger, I say let them both have at it. Murray solicited sex from a known prostitute against her will, and she only ended up with a quarter million bucks. However, during Geniellia’s riveting expose’, and apropos of nothing to do with the Murray case, Geniellia, D.A. Eyster’s former press secretary, just had to mention that Eyster often wrote his own press releases. What did Geniella mean by that? Geniella didn’t expand. Did Eyster the sometime, press release writer irritate disgruntled Mike the real, press release writer? If not, why would Geniella mention it? As for Anderson, for those of you not yet born or suffering advanced cannabis psychosis in old age, recall— forty odd years ago as a fresh new prosecutor, Eyster successfully sent Anderson to Jail for physically attacking a public official. (sucker punch) Of course, that was the Anderson of old wherein the sheriff, the DA; all on the county board, and anybody who lived in Israel were fair game for his journalistic sneak attacks. As he’s aged, target acquisition has changed with AVA editor Anderson. It’s same same again for Israel, and anybody on the county board, but as of late, Anderson has been plying some serious smacky-butt on successive sherifs and DAs, including Eyster, who occasionally posts in Anderson’s paper during the AVA’s early morning, predominatly hate America huddle. But, what is happening now? Anderson and Geniella the tag team contiuously body slaming the DA? After all these years with Anderson, is this vengeance waking up for getting tossed in Jail? And, what’s up with Geniella, the greatest press release writer north of the Golden Gate? These guys are really stirring the Eyster pot. Do they have a some secret candidate somewhere down in the boiling stew?

    • So it’s ok for a cop to rape a prostitute? Then put down 2 guys that wrote about it. Then go back, way back in history about the good old days. The point you may have missed is that Murray sexually assaulted 3 women and Eyster made a sweetheart plea deal. Eyster is clearly not capable of prosecuting felonies in Mendocino County. Follow this case a little better next time.

  3. Isn’t it curious Mr. Koepf used the term ‘solicited’ sex from the woman in the Ukiah motel? Evidence shows the cop stole her room key, and used it to force his way back into her room even though it had been barricaded by her because she feared his return. Mr. Koepf suggests the good sergeant politely asked her to engage in oral sex. Mr. Koepf makes no mention of the other two women who say they too were sexually assaulted by Sgt. Murray. Nor a mention of the Ukiah man who was so badly beaten by Murray that he received $1 million settlement. As for my aside about the DA writing his own press releases, it was only to help illustrate how big the Trump-like ego is. It is hard to imagine where DA Dave – “champion of people, defender of truth’ as he proclaims on his DA web page – finds the time to crank out his Twitter version of the importance of the DA’s office.

    • Geniella and associates, what part of my comment “bad cop” did you deliberately miss? Murray was a “bad cop,” which means guilty of all crimes confessed, and let’s see what happens with if there are any further charges brought forth. Should the “bad cop” have done time. Yes, but from the tone of his writing and the lynch mob mentality he is encouraging, Geniella will accept nothing less than death. HOWEVER, challenged readers and sneaky Mike, the point of my comment is this and this only: (which Geniella is deliberately avoiding) do he and Bruce Anderson have a PERSONAL, vindictive agenda against the current sitting district attorney? In Geniella and Anderson’s mind and writings, Eyster deserves a much stiffer sentence than Murray.

  4. Eyster and Criminal UPD Officers are destroying out town. Eyster has lost the public’s trust and he should resign. Eyster was listed as a defendant in a civil case with this officer’s ex yet Eyster claims he had executive privilege and claims he doesn’t have a conflict of interest. Eyster claims to be objective when Eyester was listed as a co-defendant with this officer in a current civil case. Remove Eyster!

  5. Not only do I agree that that Eyster man should recuse himself but a third party investigation should be commenced, possibly resulting in a recall initiation by the people of Mendocino county.

    There are many instances where I heard of “sweet deals” negotiated by him, which enriched offices of the county in exchange for sizeable “contributions”, some resulting in new vehicles purchased by the accused for the Sheriff’s office.

    I guess if I broke that law and offered what amounts to money, we would avoid prosecution.

    It must be that we do not only see these events in movies.

  6. And suppose he does recuse himself? And the result of the investigation is not what the people want? What happens then?

    Seems like folks want Waidelich to serve what they think should’ve been Murray’s sentence. So much outrage and immediate unwavering faith the accuser is telling a full, true story. Anybody watch that amber heard debacle? Not to say Waidelich didn’t make mistakes but there’s always two sides to a story and at the end of the day we are all human and we all make mistakes.

    IMO mendocino county reacted too fast to avoid public scrutiny over Waidelich remaining in his position. Because of this, we lost a good asset in him being able to lead the department toward a better future.

    I will say this Geniella / Koepf battle going on in the comments is downright entertaining.

    • In response to Ur Daddy – What part of this UPD crime spree are you missing. Murray has been adjudicated and people were and still are pissed because DA Eyster made a sweet as hell plea deal. The ex-chief has currently been involved in a crime that was sent out of Mendocino County to be investigated because it would have been a conflict to be investigated here. The ex-chief is also involved in a civil case for domestic violence against his ex fiancé. The DA was named in this suit, along with the city of Ukiah and the Mendocino County Probation Department. Part of this was settled but Waidelich is still involved in this action. If it seems that people want the ex-chief to go down because of the Murray case going sideways, you’re mistaken! I believe the majority of people in Mendocino County want justice and want crimes committed by law-enforcement officers to be prosecuted in a fair manner by a prosecutor that is not the overseeing law-enforcement agency for this county!

      Lastly, how was this ex-Chief a good asset to a department that has continually been in hot water, paid out millions to their victims and continued to commit crimes against the people they are suppose to be protecting? Maybe you missed something here. Or possibly you have made some assumption that just are incorrect.

      • I agree that Murray got a sweetheart deal and I wish he would have had to serve some time, based on what I understand are the facts. For the Waidelich deal, just seems like it’s guilty till proven innocent based off the facts I know, which is limited. Imagine the facts you have are limited too. I don’t know anything about the DA. I actually live in North Dakota and have never been to California.

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