Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Fort Bragg’s Larry Spring Museum Myco-Sound-Dome Explores Art, Science, and Mushrooms


The following is a press release from the Larry Spring Museum:

Photographs of some of the many explorations of mycelium-infused art one could see at the Myco=Sound-Dome [Pictures provided by the Larry Spring Museum]

The Larry Spring Museum in Fort Bragg CA is hosting an interdisciplinary mycelium-based project created by artist Tosca Terán. During her stay, Terán will build a Myco Sound-Dome out of mycelium that will generate a soundscape from the living fungi. Participants will be invited to enter the dome to experience the mycelium soundscape. 

Over the duration of the Myco-Sound-Dome build, Terán will facilitate a free workshop series that will include hands-on mushroom cultivation, experiential workshops in bio-sonification and electromagnetic frequencies, and sculpting with mycelium. In collaboration with local mushroom hunter, Billy Sprague, she will lead a forest walk where participants will collect biodata and listen to the electromagnetic spectrum using microphones built in the workshop. We are also partnering with Pacific Textile Arts for an afternoon of experimental mushroom dying. The event culminates on Oct 22nd with The Myco-Sound- Dome unveiling and a Fungi Fair.  Presentations and roundtable discussion with special guest speakers Ecovative Design,  Aerospace Engineer Dr. Valeria La Saponara, MycoWorks, PHD candidate Eldy Lazaro, Pacific  Textile Arts and more. 

The Myco-Sound-Dome project and accompanying activities aim to bring communities into a reciprocal relationship with the largest organism on the planet. Fungi draw into question our notions of individuality as they link together unrelated plants through complex networks.

The Myco-Sound-Dome project is a marvelous fit for both the Larry Spring Museum and  Mendocino County. Our museum celebrates artists and makers who experiment with the boundaries of art and science and to be able to bring this together with Mendocino’s thriving mushroom culture is exciting.  

We are grateful to the California Arts Council for their support of this project. The California Arts  Council is a state agency with a mission of strengthening arts, culture, and creative expression as the tools to cultivate a better California for all. It supports local arts infrastructure and programming statewide through grants, initiatives, and services. The California Arts Council envisions a California where all people flourish with universal access to and participation in the arts. To view a complete listing of all California Arts Council grantees by county, visit this link. For a complete listing of grantees by organization, go to this link. In addition, we thank our sponsors,  Ecovative, MycoWorks, Growth Bio, the Beach House Inn, and the Weller House Inn. 

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For more information, please contact director@larryspringmuseum.org 

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