Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Annual Nome Cult Walk Begins—Travelers Within the Mendocino National Forest Be Aware


The following is a press release issued by the Mendocino National Forest:

Members of the Round Valley Indian Tribe retrace a forced 1863 relocation to Covelo, California [Picture from WikiCommons]

The annual Nome Cult walk from Chico to Round Valley began on Sunday, Sept. 11. The 100-mile trek follows the route that Indians were forced to march from Chico to the Nome Cult Reservation in 1863. Descendants of Native Americans who took part in the original relocation and other supporters walk the route each year. Although the path itself has disappeared, this route is now called the Nome Cult Trail.

Forest officials advise visitors and motorists along the trail route – M4, County Road 55 and FH7 into Eel River Station and Covelo – to be mindful of the event this week and ensure the safety of those walking the Nome Cult Trail.

The planned schedule is:

  • Sunday, Sept. 11, Begin walk toward Orland
  • Monday, Sept. 12, Walk toward Newville Cemetery
  • Tuesday, Sept. 13, Walk to Black Bear Campground
  • Wednesday, Sept. 14, Continue to Log Springs
  • Thursday, Sept. 15, Walk to Wells Cabin
  • Friday, Sept. 16, Walk to Eel River
  • Saturday, Sept. 17, Finish walk to Round Valley Indian Reservation

The removal of Indians from Chico to the Nome Cult Reservation in 1863 is one of the many forced relocations following the establishment of reservations in northern California in the 1850s. Several different tribes were moved to the Nome Cult Reservation after it was established in Round Valley in 1856.

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