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Lake County Woman Missing Over a Month—No Leads, No Foul Play Suspected


38-year-old Goldie Lee Morse has been missing for over a month. Friends say she was picking berries near Cobb, California’s Black Rock Golf Course on the evening of August 13, 2022. From there, she seemingly walked away leaving her shoes behind. There were reports of sightings and brief interactions with Morse that evening and the following morning. Beyond that, she has not been seen or heard from since.

Lauren Berlinn, the Public Information Officer for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office told us investigators are no indications Morse’s disappearance was the result of foul play and the office is actively seeking information to aid in locating her.

We spoke with Carol Lynn Anderson, a friend of Morse, who told us Morse was picking blackberries with a roommate on the evening of August 12 when the roommate went down a hillside, leaving Morse above. Climbing back up the hill 20 minutes later, Morse’s roommate found she was gone leaving only a drink she had been holding and her shoes behind.

Anderson described multiple reports that have emerged of Morse being seen between the time she left the Black Rocks Golf Course and the following morning.

Witnesses reported seeing Morse around 10:00 p.m. in the parking lot of Hardesters Market., a small town grocery in Cobb along Highway 175.

Between 2-4 a.m., Anderson told us Morse was reportedly seen by a crew of construction workers walking up to them and asking if she could sit in their truck. They denied her request because of company vehicle policy, but they did give her some food.

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Around 7:30 a.m., Morse reportedly knocked on a man’s door in the Whispering Pines neighborhood of Cobb and asked to use his phone. He obliged, she attempted to call someone that did not pick up, and she left a message. She asked the homeowner if he had any spare shoes she could wear. He quickly went to retrieve them and when he returned with the shoes she was gone.

The last reported sighting occurred shortly after when Morse was seen walking along Highway 175 near Whispering Pines. 

LCSO Public Information Officer Lauren Berlinn told us Morse did not have a wallet or cell phone when she went missing. In the course of their investigation, Berlinn said, “multiple search warrants have been served to review her phone records and social media accounts.”

LCSO’s Search and Rescue Unit conducted an “extensive search of the area was Morse was last seen” but did not locate any leads or evidence.

Berlinn told us LCSO is “investigating all tips and leads that have been brought to our attention” and is still actively looking for Morse.

Berlin asks that if anyone in the community has “additional information or leads, please contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at 707-263-2690 or contact Detective Castellanos at 707-262-4223 or via email antonio.castellanos@lakecountyca.gov.”

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  1. The family of Goldie Morse is adamant that she is missing and that last sighting had no shoes on, somewhere close to Gifford Springs rd. I believe. I find it interesting that the Lake county law enforcement agency who did a comprehensive search a couple days ago has not employed search dogs in that general vicinity. I do realize that the rain may have washed all scent away and that they have limited resources d/t staffing. There are organizations that do help out in these situations but must be called in by law enforcement. One of them is California Rescue Dogs Association based in Castro Valley. The do not charge for their services as they are all volunteer. What would be the harm in trying this avenue?

  2. Can they check the guys phone bill to see who she tried to call from his phone. I would think there are phone records of incoming and outgoing calls.


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