Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Bivalent COVID-19 Boosters Now Available in Mendocino County


The following is a press release issued by Mendocino County Public Health

An electron microscopic image of an isolated sample of COVID-19, gathered by the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention from the first U.S. case of the virus. The spherical viral particles, colorized blue, contain cross sections through the viral genome, seen as black dots. (Image and Caption from the CDC)

Updated bivalent COVID boosters are available in Mendocino County and Public  Health recommends getting one at the same time as your annual flu shot this fall. The updated boosters are free and provide the best protection against the currently dominant Omicron BA.5  variant of COVID-19, as well as the original strain. 

“We’re very happy these updated bivalent boosters have arrived,” said Mendocino County  Public Health Office Dr. Andy Coren. “They put our community in a better position to protect ourselves against getting severely ill or getting hospitalized with newer variants of COVID like  BA.5. So, it’s very important to consider one of these bivalent boosters for yourself and your children. They are free and available to anyone older than 12.” 

“Our hope is that these boosters will slow the spread of COVID in Mendocino County and reduce the severity of any surges this fall and winter. It’s also the time of year to get a flu shot, so it’s very easy to make just one appointment for both flu and COVID at a local pharmacy or with your health provider. We recommend flu and COVID vaccines for everyone older than 6  months.” The new bivalent boosters are recommended for everyone age 12 and older, while the original  COVID boosters will still be used for those ages 5-11. If you have questions about COVID  boosters of flu vaccines, get in touch with your health provider. You can also call Public Health at 707-472-2759. The best place to get a vaccine or booster is at a local pharmacy or with your provider. A list of vaccine clinics is also available at http://www.mendocinocounty.org/covidvaccine

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    • Hey Floyd, doctors pretend to be baffled. And why not? They are complicit in failure to do due diligence in checking out the data. Now they want to cover their complicity. They know this is an experiment. Why would any medical personnel recommend a gene therapy injection? It’s not a vaccine. Bayer’s CEO said had this juice been advertised as gene therapy the public would have been hesitant. Hence the false vaccine label. Attached is a 38 minute video. It’s all anyone needs to make a sane decision. A brave Australian alternative journalist produced this sad documentary. Interspersed with commentary and a home run towards the last.


  1. I’ve reveived all four COVID vaccinations the county has recommended. I’ve never had COVID despite it being in my workplace in the county building weekly for years. I’m wondering why if this variant is so mild, should I get this fifth vaccination too?

  2. Tell all the masked people that you see
    on 60 minutes
    Biden set us free
    Biden said the plandemic is over
    PS If you had to take the shot 5 times—it’s not a vaccine its a placebo.

    Can we get our WORLD’S GREATEST hamburger joint back in Mendocino the health department ran out of town?

    • The whole thing is mass delusion and hysteria. TV instigated. Media has a lot to answer for. Mandated by the dolt in Washington. How many businesses and employees have been screwed over by the fraud? Pubic health authorities have much to answer for. Start with Fauci and Deborah Birx. Work down to county level. Prosecute all of them. So many dead and injured from the malfeasance.

  3. Good luck. No way I’m taking a big chance with my health. The stuff is deadly. Lots of injectees have skated. But a HUGE number are dead or injured. For many the first second or third jab seems to have been okay with no obvious health issues. Lots of people are suddenly dying. Dropping dead. Doctor claim they are “baffled”. Yeah sure. Since the roll out of the clot shot, excess mortality figures have gone way up. The profiteers want to keep their gold mine going for as long as the People can be dumb enough to take the kool aid.

    • But a HUGE number are dead or injured.What’s really strange no one is talking about the deaths. You must really research to find this information! BBB you must really do your homework, thanks for sharing with the rest of us…. The truth is out there. Like a number of peoples minds.

      • The majority of Citizens don’t believe it’s a very dangerous brew. They rely on state radio and television to tell them what to think and to do. Until co-conspirator and coverup artist mainstream media admit the gene therapy is not safe, does nothing but depress the immune system, is basically worthless for preventing any coronavirus, and can kill and injure the recipient, then the greater populace will trust the much discredited public health mafia. That parents would consider the jab for their kids just boggles my mind.

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