Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Search for Lake County’s Goldie Morse: Major Crimes Unit Investigate Cobb Property


The following is a press release from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office:

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the whereabouts of Goldie Morse, 38 years of age and a resident of Middletown. Goldie Morse has been reported as a missing person. Goldie Morse was last seen on August 13, 2022 in Cobb.

When Morse was last seen in Cobb, she was walking and was not wearing any shoes. At the time of her disappearance, Morse also did not have her wallet or cell phone in her possession. Morse’s disappearance is being treated as a missing person investigation at this time, and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office has not located anything that would indicate foul play.

On September 22, 2022, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Major Crimes Unit conducted follow up related to the investigation in the 11000 block of Gifford Springs Rd. The investigation was regarding the disappearance of Goldie Morse.

The Major Crimes Unit is taking all factors into consideration as we conduct a full and comprehensive investigation, taking into considerations all tips and leads that have been brought to our attention.

If anyone has any additional information or leads, please contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at 707-263-2690 or contact Detective Castellanos at 707-262-4223 or via email antonio.castellanos@lakecountyca.gov.

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  1. Did they figure out all the missing or found deseased women few months back. Even a wild animal could possibly drag her off. Sad. Hopefully she’s found alive somehow.

    • Talked to a Native American once and he told me some Native American’s just wander off and aren’t found and heard from again. Sad. Hopefully their in a better place.

  2. Why is it that there is so many comments and conversation around a bad cop, but a missing waif of a girl wandering around lake county without shoes has gone missing and is not even worth the time of most peoples day?
    Where is Goldie?!

    • I don’t think the silence is equitable with a lack of concern.
      Nearly all of us have nothing viable to offer in the search for her.
      Those that do have something to offer likely don’t know they do OR may be involved in her disappearance.

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