Saturday, September 23, 2023

Mendocino County District Attorney’s Blocking of Facebook Comments Violates the First Amendment—Letter to the Editor


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To District Attorney David Eyster, Assistant DA Dale Trigg, Chief Investigator Andy Alvarado

Regarding Blocking comments on DA Facebook page:

The District Attorney’s public information posts must be available to all, whether it be on the official county website or on Facebook, the site of choice. Your call. But you cannot block access to comment on the site at your discretion.

A stylized screenshot that depicts the current message to Facebook users who visit the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Facebook page

In June, I raised this issue with you. The block has returned. Please read the attached information, and act accordingly.  Otherwise, legal action on behalf of the public and local journalists will be taken.

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“If a public official uses their account to carry out their role as an elected official, then their page or account is subject to the First Amendment. That means they cannot engage in most forms of censorship such as blocking someone or deleting someone’s comments just because of their subject or opinion. It is also generally unacceptable for the official to ask the platform to delete comments for them.”

Mike Geniella
Media Consultant

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  1. Why don’t you go after Facebook instead of the district attorney because Facebook is the company that allows the district attorney to censor

  2. The censorship is being used by the DAs office. Facebook has nothing to do with that. Anyone using social media platforms must realize other’s first amendment rights to respond. Maybe Theyknow should read the terms and conditions of facebook before defending the people trying to sensor those with the right to speak.

  3. What happened to good ‘ol sycophantic Call It As “It Isn’t”?

    Hope it isn’t to painful to face facts about your beloved, whiny orange autocrat, buddy.

    • I’m still here Libtard!!!! Even in your own you refer to court rulings that say not only Trump can’t block but AOC is facing 2 lawsuits for the same action Trump was accused of. You seemed to have left her name out of this conversation and made it appear only Trump was doing this. And these suits are over Twitter which is someone’s personal account. By the way, did you miss that Twitter kicked Trump off, censored him.

      Let’s see, wasn’t it Facebook and Twitter that buried the Hunter Biden laptop at the direction of the FBI, which I remind you Joe Biden is the Commander and Chief.

      You’re just part of the Woke crowd, did I hurt your feelings? Well, toughen up and get out of your Mom’s basement and for god’s sake stop being a little bitch!!!!!!!

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