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Ukiah Man Sentenced to Nine Years in State Prison for Lighting Occupied Group Home on Fire


The following is a press release issued by the Mendocino County District Attorney:

Travis Joseph Humphrey [Mugshot from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Booking Logs]

Defendant Travis Joseph Humphrey, age 32, generally of the Ukiah area, was sentenced in the Mendocino County Superior Court Thursday afternoon to 108 months in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

On December 2nd of last year, Ukiah fire and police personnel were dispatched to a 9-1-1 emergency call reporting a fire inside an occupied group home in Ukiah.

After the fire was extinguished and witnesses were interviewed, investigators came to focus their attention on the defendant. Evidence developed during the investigation was compelling that defendant Humphrey had set a fire to a downstairs bedroom to which he had been assigned just that day.

After setting the fire, he left the room, closed the bedroom door, and departed the house. He was seen outside the house looking through the window at the growing fire before he finally departed the scene.

When an interior smoke alarm went off, the house manager went to check and discovered the defendant’s room on fire. After calling for help, the house manager evacuated the other residents from the house without anybody getting hurt.

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Firefighters on scene the evening Humprey lit the group home on fire [Picture by Matt LaFever]

At the time of this offense, the defendant was on informal probation for being a misdemeanor accessory to the reckless setting of a fire by another defendant on Airport Park Boulevard in August 2021.

Because an arson of an inhabited dwelling is characterized as a violent felony and thus is a conviction that can be used as a future Strike, the early release credits the defendant may attempt to earn in state prison are limited by law to no more than 15% of the overall sentence.

Upon release, the defendant will be required to register for life as an arson offender with local law enforcement in any community to which he is paroled.

The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority and the Ukiah Police Department worked hand-in-hand in the investigation of this case.

The attorney who has been handling the prosecution of this defendant from arraignment through sentencing is District Attorney David Eyster.

Mendocino County Superior Court Judge Keith Faulder presided over today’s sentencing hearing.

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  1. Nobody injured and a long prison sentence? Multiple forced rape at gunpoint yet no jail. And how about DA Oyster going after animal cruelty with a vengance while letting assault with a deadly weapon of a senior drop after Alvin Running Larvie attacked me twice without cause a year ago. But I’m just a person of no importance

  2. Another example of why people are so angry at the legal system in Mendocino County. 108 months of prison time with not one injury to a person! Yet someone will claim, “well the average person doesn’t know how the legal system works!” BS I know! Many others know as well! When is enough enough! Anger can be a motivating factor when directed the right way. Who’s watching the so called top dogs of Mendocino County? Is it time for the Attorney General to step in.

  3. You all are so correct. This county is ridiculous to say the least. And it’s only going to get worse. It’s time for people to stand up. What experience I have had with probation departments is they don’t keep an eye on the ones they are supposed to. And when they reoffend they get a slap on the hand.

    • I’m a repeat offender if you happen to be offended by the truth. That is the reason DA Oyster does not go after justice but vendetta, personal axes to grind. Don’t forget Sprinkles Case was very personal.
      I’ve seen some evil corruption living among the homeless. The bottom of the food chain is where every human rights activist needs to spend time.

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