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Witness Describes Ultralight Emergency Landing on Highway 101


Ultralight crash on Hwy 101 yesterday. [Photo from Shepard Hill]Ultralight crash on Hwy 101 yesterday. [Photo from Shepard Hill]

Yesterday, about 11:45 a.m., a pilot navigated his ultralight onto Hwy 101 between Laytonville and Leggett in an emergency landing.

According to witness, Shepard Hill,

I witnessed this ultralight flying low and slow in the valley above 101 heading south, at near the entrance of bell springs…it made a quick u turn then headed north and made an emergency landing about a mile north…[A]fter arriving on scene it appeared that the pilot was ok [due] to the condition of the aircraft/cockpit yet there was no one on scene…

He explained that the aircraft “basically landed in the middle of the road.” Then, Hill said, the pilot “drove it off the side to avoid being hit by cars.

He said that he wasn’t sure what was wrong as the craft “seemed to be under power at the time…[I]t was Crazy to watch.”

We requested information from the National Transportation Safety Board. A spokesperson replied, “The NTSB was notified of an accident involving an ultralight yesterday. We have not spoken to the pilot yet, so I don’t have any information about the circumstance of the accident.”

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