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Hunkered Down in Their Car, A Mother and Father Deliver Their Baby on the Shoulder of Highway 128

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On Sunday, October 15, 2022, an Oregon couple was driving south and somehow ended up on Mendocino County’s Highway 128, a road of twists and turns running east to west from the Mendocino Coast to Anderson Valley finally terminating in Cloverdale.  

In the early morning dark, around 3 o’clock, that couple realized that their baby was ready to see Mom and Dad. The couple drove a Nissan Rogue and pulled over to the side of the rural highway not far from the turn to Hendy Woods. 

The silence and calm surrounded the pair as Mom crawled into the backseat. Somehow, the expecting mother miraculously birthed her child into the hands of its father, along a lonesome stretch of Mendocino County highway.

Anderson Valley Fire Department’s EMS Officer Clay Eubank told us medics arrived on the scene after the child had been born. EMTs learned the delivery had gone smoothly. Mom and her baby were transported to the hospital. Officer Eubank told us they are healthy.

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    • These are the details provided by the first responder. Privacy laws require the parents’ names to be kept confidential. He provided the basic facts of the situation. If you have access to more details, feel free to email me.


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