Monday, October 2, 2023

Fort Bragg City Council Candidate Withdraws From Race Citing Plans to Relocate

The following is a statement released by Ricardo Garcia, the candidate for Fort Bragg City Council. Remember, he has withdrawn from the race, but his name will still appear on the ballot:

Fort Bragg City Council Candidate Ricardo Garcia [Photograph from the City of Fort Bragg website]

Thank you Fort Bragg ❤️❤️❤️

I plan to be fully transparent with my voters & the community of Fort Bragg in this announcement.

My family and I have thought long and hard about this and I will be withdrawing myself today from the race for a seat in City Council.

The reason behind me stepping back from the election comes down to the best interest of my family and what we need. My family and I plan to relocate in the near future.

When I originally signed up to run in this election we had two pending family law cases open for my children to relocate dependent on the verdict that at the time, had no resolution. We have recently received a verdict to one of the two cases which allows my daughters Aurora and Andi to officially relocate in 2023. We are still awaiting the Family Law case that involves my son Noah to be heard at this time.

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This announcement is very difficult for me personally because of all the love and support we have received from the community. Not only did you all treat Makayla and I amazing but, you guys treated our 3 children with the same love and respect. There’s nothing more humbling then when your children come home happy from school or events they attended and tell us someone said they are voting for our dad.

 I have accomplished a lot at my young age and  I was extremely confident in my odds to win in November, that’s why today is a sad day for me as I feel I let down a lot of people that supported me.

Since I will be moving in January 2023 I want to say thank you to the community that’s given me absolutely everything! You guys have supported me through all my ventures and most importantly have had an impact on the lives of my 3 beautiful children. 

 To the running candidates, I wish you all the best of luck and to always remember that you represent the people of Fort Bragg and I hope as you become a Council member that always put the city and our residents’ best interest first. 

  **Lastly People have asked me what other candidates I personally support. Honestly, there is only one that has my support and that’s Jason Godeke. **

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