Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Mendocino County’s Superior Court Announces This Year’s Judicial Assignments


The following press release was published by the Superior Court of CA, County of Mendocino:

Lady Liberty Mural in the Mendocino County Courthouse [Picture by Mike Geniella]

Presiding Judge Jeanine Nadel has announced the judicial assignments for 2023. Primary judicial assignments are reviewed every two years. However, adjustments and reassignments are made at the discretion of the Presiding Judge, if necessary. 

Effective January 2, 2023, the assignments are as follows: 

CRIMINAL: Departments A and B will manage vertical felony calendars from arraignment through trial and post-conviction hearings. Judge Keith Faulder and Judge Victoria Shanahan will preside over felony matters in these departments. Judge Carly Dolan will preside over misdemeanors in Department H from arraignment through trial and post-conviction hearings.  

FAMILY LAW: Judge Cindee Mayfield will preside over family law matters in Department C.  

UNLIMITED CIVIL AND PROBATE: Presiding Judge Jeanine Nadel will continue to sit in  Department E handling unlimited civil matters, probate, and conservatorships. Judge Nadel will also preside over the Adult Drug Court. 

LIMITED JURISDICTION MATTERS: Judge Patrick Pekin will preside over limited civil matters, unlawful detainers, small claims and traffic and non-traffic infractions in Department F.  He will also preside over Behavioral Health Court.  

JUVENILE: Judge Ann Moorman is the Presiding Juvenile Judge and will preside over juvenile dependency and delinquency proceedings in Department G.  

TEN MILE: Judge Clay Brennan will continue to preside over civil, criminal, and family law matters in the Ten Mile Court Branch in Fort Bragg. 

APPELLATE: Judge Dolan will also continue as Presiding Judge of the Court’s Appellate  Division. 

For more information contact: 
Kim Turner 
Court Executive Officer 
100 N. State Street, Room 303 
Ukiah, CA 954825 


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