Sunday, January 29, 2023

Officers Arrest Two Fort Bragg Teens in Ukiah for Vehicle Theft and Locate a Loaded ‘Ghost’ Glock Inside

The following is a press release issued by the Ukiah Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

[Stock photo by Matt LaFever]

On 12/6/22 at approximately 11:49 am, the Ukiah PD received an alert from the FLOCK license plate reading camera system of a stolen vehicle in the area of Airport Park Blvd. Detectives driving an unmarked vehicle located the stolen vehicle in the drive-thru of the Starbucks on Airport Park Blvd. Marked patrol units responded to the scene and were able to set up a perimeter around the building.  

After the stolen vehicle left the drive-thru, marked UPD units initiated a felony traffic stop in the parking lot.  The driver and passenger of the vehicle complied with the stop and were taken into custody without incident.  

A search of the vehicle revealed a black, Glock-style pistol in the glove compartment. The pistol had no factory engraved serial numbers and appeared to be a homemade gun, commonly referred to as a “ghost gun.” The gun was loaded with ammunition.  

The driver of the vehicle was a 14-year-old male and the passenger was a 13-year-old male. Their names have been withheld due to their age. Both occupants were taken to the Mendocino County Juvenile Hall where they were booked for possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of a firearm.  

The vehicle was reported stolen from Fort Bragg the day prior.  



  1. The authorities will help these boys become professional criminals by destroying their lives with JUSTICE. Teenagers are stupid and do stupid stuff. Justice should never be about punishment. An eye for an eye makes the world blind

  2. A 14 & 13 year old behind the wheel of a stolen car… with a ghost gun in the glove box. Hmmm where are the parents?! & who taught them how to commit these crimes?! What will be their punishment?? Sooo many questions

    • Yah. Its not like they were throwing rocks. Or skipping class. If you play with guns. And steal vehicles. You elevate yourself to. Big boy consequences. Nobody twisted their arm to be that dangerous. I agree where are the parents?? You dont go from 0 to that kind of crime overnite either. Growing up in the country we saw animals killed. For food. The reality of guns and knives was clear. They are tools to be respected and used thoughtfully and cautiously. You dont get that sitting in a room playing video games. Get your kids outside involved in constructive activities!

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