Monday, October 2, 2023

Missing Bay Area Man Found Deceased in Humboldt Redwoods State Park

24-year-old Angel Fulgado with his newborn [Picture from his wife]

The three-day, multi-county search for 24-year-old Berkeley resident Angel Fulgado ended tragically yesterday afternoon when he was found deceased in his vehicle within the Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

His wife, Michelle Salgado, was contacted by law enforcement yesterday to inform her of the devastating shocking news. Law enforcement told her his cause of death is “under investigation”.

A Facebook post by a Humboldt County man indicated Fulgado’s car was found yesterday afternoon along the Avenue of the Giants in the area of High Rock, a popular trail in the national park. 

Fulgado’s vehicle found in the vegetation of the Humboldt Redwoods State Park [Picture from a resident]

Fulgado left his Berkeley home in the early morning hours last Sunday, December 18 before heading north. Cell phone data gave his last known location as near Ukiah when his trail went cold. Since his disappearance, Fulgado’s family spent hours attempting to chase down unconfirmed sightings in Ukiah and the Lake County town of Nice. 

Fulgado is survived by his young wife and his newborn child.

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    • Seriously? “He couldn’t have picked a better spot to die? Beautiful and relaxing? Wtf?
      He was a healthy young man who I can pretty much guarantee he didn’t chose this spot and just die naturally. So sad for him and his young family.

      • Thank you, Becky! We don’t know the cause of death, but obviously this young man was suffering mentally & emotionally. & if he didn’t take his own life then a crime was committed. Mila & Al, you 2 are at a minimum out of touch & at worst completely heartless!

  1. Ever single person, who survived, jumping from the Golden Gate wished they had not done it the second they left into their fall. Suicide is a terrible choice. Period

  2. I’m his aunt, all the disrespectful comments needs to be unmentioned… let’s hope none of your families go through this type of scenerio.

    • So sorry you had to read some of these incentive comments! Best wishes to you & your family during the process of grieving & healing❤

    • My heart goes out to his little child and especially the child’s mother; I’ve been in her shoes and it’s not easy raising a child whose father died when the child is very young, but you can do it baby momma, and your son will be okay and grow up to become a solid young man if you be strong, and firm raising him. I wish you and your son the best in all of your future endeavors. My condolences to the entire family.

  3. Princess, my heart breaks for your family. Just know that many are deeply saddened by Angel’s death and are praying for you all. 🙏💐

  4. My condolences to his family especially his wife and very adorable little baby, this is absolutely the worst outcome, I myself was hoping for a better outcome 🙁

  5. Sorry for your lost especially the baby will never get to experience what a father’s love and presence is. I wish you well and heal from your loss May he rest in heaven with God’s angels 🙏

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