Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Tip Leads to Arrest of Fort Bragg Pair for Narcotics, Metal Knuckles, and More

The following is a press release issued by the Fort Bragg Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On December 28, 2022 at approximately 11:30 AM, an officer received a tip about a female, Rachel Hunt, 37 years, from Fort Bragg, with a felony probation violation warrant was staying at a hotel in the 200 block of S. Main St.

After further investigation, the officer determined which room Hunty was staying in and saw her in the window. Upon entering the hotel room, the officer saw a bag of pills and several bags of marijuana along with other narcotic paraphernalia in the room. Also in the room was Daniel Sanchez, 32 years, from Fort Bragg, who provided officers with false identification. Further inquiries identified him as Sanchez and that he had a felony warrant for parole violation,

Both Hunt and Sanchez were taken into custody for their warrants. Officers located other
evidence of drug sales in the room in plain view. There were seven different types of
prescription medication totaling 263 pills in a single bag. Neither Hunt nor Sanchez had
prescriptions for any of them. Also located was approximately two pounds of marijuana, metal knuckles, small plastic sealable baggies, and other drug paraphernalia,

Sanchez was booked into MCSO jail for a felony, no bail parole violation warrant, and Hunt
was booked into MCSO jail for a felony, $50,000 bail probation violation warrant. They both
were booked on the additional charges of: 11351(A) H&S (possession of controlled substance for sales), 11364(A) H&S (possession of drug paraphernalia), 11359(B) H&S (possession of marijuana for sale), 21810(A) PC (possession of metal knuckles), 11359(B) H&S (possession of marijuana for sale), and 148.9(B) PC (false ID to a police officer).

Sergeant Joe Shaw said, “This is another excellent example of Fort Bragg police officers doing proactive work to protect our community. All of those pills have multiple side effects and could have easily wound up in the possession of our youth.”

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Anyone with information on these incidents are encouraged to contact Officer Frank of the Fort Bragg Police Department at (707)961-2800 ext 139.

This information is being released by Chief Neil Cervenka. All media inquiries should contact, him at ncervenka@fortbrage.com,

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    • If she changes her trajectory. Getting ratted out cd be the best thing to happen to her ? Those bags under her eyes. And the champion she was running with are a result of a series of really poor choices. Hope she stops to evaluate

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