Monday, May 29, 2023

Jury Finds Ukiah Woman Guilty of Driving Under the Influence


The following is a press release issued by the Mendocino County District Attorney:

The State of California Seal in the Mendocino County Courthouse [Photograph by Matt LaFever]

A Mendocino County Superior Court jury returned from its deliberations Friday afternoon to announce it had found the trial defendant guilty as charged.

Defendant Paloma Victoria Rodriguez Irizarry, age 39, of Ukiah, was convicted of having driven a motor vehicle in June of last year with a blood alcohol .08 or greater, a misdemeanor. The evidence presented at trial was that the defendant’s blood alcohol at the time of driving was .09/.09.

The law enforcement agencies that developed the evidence used by the prosecutor to obtain today’s conviction were the Ukiah Police Department and the Department of Justice forensic laboratory.

The prosecutor who presented the People’s evidence at trial and argued for the verdict that was returned was Deputy District Attorney Victoria Fernandez.

As an aside, this week’s jury trial was Ms. Fernandez’s first jury trial as a Mendocino County prosecutor. Congratulations, Victoria.

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Mendocino County Superior Court Judge Victoria Shanahan presided over what turned out to be a four-day trial due to weather conditions.

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  1. The story is a little short on details. A quick Google search shows the defendant to be somewhat of a local notable. Would be of interest to know what she actually did to draw the attention of the cops in the first place. Erratic driving? Speeding? Hit a tree?

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