Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Somehow a Hatchback Found Itself Atop a Lake County Roundabout

The Nissan Versa atop the roundabout [Picture provided by Local Independent Fundamental Baptist Tony]

The risks of the road are ever-present for North Coast residents. But, sometimes the results of a traffic accident are not scary or tragic, but just plain wacky.

Today, just before 1:00 p.m., a Nissan Sentra hatchback approached the roundabout in the Lake County town of Nice where State Route 20 intersects with the Nice-Lucerne Cutoff.

Somehow, the vehicle failed to stop and instead drove straight toward the roundabout’s center island.

The vehicle struck the gentle slope along the the island’s edge which acted like a ramp slinging the vehicle upwards finally coming to rest in the decorative landscaping adorning the center island.

The California Highway Patrol’s Traffic Incident Information page indicated a woman and her dog sat in the vehicle for some time after the vehicle plopped atop its perch

Emergeny personnel arrived at the scene and were able to haul the hatchback from its newfound roost. There were no injuries and minimal damage besides the center island’s ornamental grass.

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Please, drive safe, be cautious, and don’t expect to Evil Knievel any local roundabouts.

Shout out to the On the Scanner Lake County Facebook page for their real-time coverage so we could crib off the details.

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