Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Mendocino County Investigating Health Concerns for Residents Stranded After Sinkhole Eats Their Road

Vehicle in Sinkhole near Willits
The sinkhole by the Creekside cabins nearly swallowed the entire vehicle. [Picture provided by Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Captain Greg Van Patten]

The County of Mendocino Public Health Department issued a press release today saying they are “investigating concerns for the health and human safety of the residents at Creekside Cabins and RV Resort resulting from the large sinkhole that emerged on December 30, 2022.”

For over two weeks residents have not been able to drive out since the road collapsed.

The County is concerned about “whether the septic tanks have been reached for required monthly processing and whether there has been appropriate garbage disposal and retrieval.”

They cite a list of other concerns in the attached press release.

The county said it provided the landlord Teresa Thurman with several contractors that could address both temporary access and permanent repairs. And, they said, she made an agreement with one of those contractors who met with Caltrans to start work.

However, according to an earlier press release from the County,  “[T]he property owner declined to engage their chosen contractor.”

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Press release from the County of Mendocino:

MCOES Doc Creekside
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