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A Pot Plant in a Pothole: Can There Be Anything More Perfectly Mendo?

A pot plant in a pothole. Can there be anything more perfectly Mendo [Picture by Craig Watkins]

Mendo people are a resourceful people. Power out? Crank up that generator. Stuck in the mud? Give your buddy with a winch a call. A tree on the road? Bust out that chainsaw and quickly you’re on your merry way.

The recent round of storms has rutted roadways around the county. The deluge ate away at the asphalt leaving thoroughfares cracked and cratered.

Reports of potholes rose so sharply that the County of Mendocino issued a presser on January 13, 2022, assuring residents they were aware of the roadway hazards and would be “systematically” moving through areas patching them.

While we wait for county roads, the ingenuity of Mendo keeps on ticking. One resident was driving along a Mendocino Coast roadway near Albion when they stumbled upon what can only be called a perfectly Mendo pothole solution. To warn other drivers of a deep pothole obscured by puddled rainwaters, an unknown person had reached for a marker that could place in the depression to increase visibility to other motorists. Naturally, that was a cannabis plant.

A pot plant in a pothole. Can there be anything more perfectly Mendo?

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  1. I’m sure someone sagged that plant within minutes of taking the pic. I would have and replaced it with a Caltrains cone. Seems a better visual aide to me.

  2. Really a perfect metaphor for the current state of the weed biz. If it can fill a hole in the road, there might well be a future for growers.


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