Saturday, December 2, 2023

Fort Bragg Man Caught on Camera Peeking Into the Windows of a Woman’s Home

[Video provided by Ariana Lisset]

31-year-old Cole Randall Ickes was caught on a camera in the early morning of Friday, January 20, 2023, peeking into the window of a Fort Bragg home located on the 1500 block of Oak Street. Video footage shows him proceeding to attempt entry through the front door that proved locked. 

After the homeowner alerted law enforcement, Fort Bragg Police would locate him just two blocks west and arrest him for peeking into inhabited buildings and loitering on private property.

Ariana Lisset, a resident of the home, told us about the incident.  A Ring Camera alerted her and her family of someone moving outside their home. They watched as the camera captured Ickes peering into a “small crack in the curtains that directly shows the living room where we had dim lights on.” She said that no one was in the living room at the time, but “we were indeed home.” 

Cole Randall Ickes [Mugshot from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Booking Logs]

The footage then shows Ickes move to another window looking into the kitchen. After seeing no one, Ickes “tried the knob and knocked.” 

Lisset does not know what his intent was, but called the police right away and thanked the Fort Bragg Police Department for their quick response.

In the wake of the incident, Lisset wants her community to remember to “Be vigilant!” and “Lock your doors and windows.”

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  1. He is known around town… Strangely enough, my daughter and i walked by him on the way to the clinic. That was Thursday. We could tell he was experiencing some kind psychotic break, in passing! I really hope his mental illness is addressed in this issue… So that he does not end up hurting anyone…

  2. My dogs would cure his peeping tomism. They would chew the mental illness. Rite out of that creep. He would be a changed man in a short time lol

  3. I once found evidence of a creeper who had found a spot outside my bedroom window many years ago to watch my girlfriend and I .I found some cigarette butts and the log he had been sitting on. Well I took about 15 60d spike nails and hammered them through a 1ft. square piece of half inch plywood and sharpened the nails to points. I placed it beneath some leaves and grass where his feet had been. A few nights later when we went to bed, we heard a muffled scream , upon further investigation I found a bloody trail leading from the nails to my back fence. Creeper never to be seen again!

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