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New Civil Suit Accuses Disgraced Ukiah Police Sergeant Kevin Murray of Repeatedly Raping His Fiancée’s Friend

Former Ukiah Police Sergeant Kevin Murray [Mugshot from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office]

This article includes graphic descriptions of sexual violence which may be difficult for some readers.

Former Ukiah Police Sergeant Kevin Murray is an accused serial sexual predator. He has faced claims that he forced himself upon a female UPD officer and broke into an escort’s hotel room and sexually assaulted her.

Murray’s behavior first became public in January 2021 after he was charged with sexual battery and burglary for breaking into the Ukiah hotel room of a sex worker and coercing sex acts. The following month, Murray was brought up on charges of rape and forcible oral copulation of “Jane Doe” which allegedly took place in April and July 2014. 

Amid these accusations, a civil suit filed by a former Ukiah Police Department officer that is still being adjudicated claimed she was victimized by Murray. When she reported the sexual misconduct to UPD’s higher-ups she was met with a work culture of discrimination, and retaliation.

The allegations against Murray inflamed the Mendocino County public who looked to the justice system to hold him accountable. In September 2022, many were appalled when allegations of sexual battery, rape, and forced oral copulations were met with a plea of no contest for charges of witness intimidation and false imprisonment.”

In what many consider a “sweetheart plea deal”, Murray was sentenced to two years probation with stipulations Murray was required to attend counseling for sex offenders. 

Now, a new accounting of Murray’s alleged predation has been made public in the form of a civil lawsuit filed by “Jane Doe”. The lawsuit contends Murray came to her Ukiah home on two separate occasions in 2014 coercing her to perform oral sex and later presenting a knife and firearm before vaginally raping her. 

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It’s important to remember, her experience was not presented to the Sonoma County Probation Department, the agency charged with assessing Murray’s crimes and providing a recommended punishment based on them. It is not clear whether her account was deliberately excluded from the documents forwarded to Sonoma County probation or it was an accidental oversight.

The civil court documents are available for public review on the Mendocino County Superior Court Portal. Though her identity is revealed in the documents, out of sensitivity to the alleged victim, we will withhold the plaintiff’s name and use “Jane Doe” throughout the piece. 

We will present the entirety of the claims represented in Jane Doe’s civil lawsuit. Please note, this includes graphic descriptions of sexual violence that could be disturbing to readers. 

Former Ukiah Police Sergeant Kevin Murray kissing a pig in 2019 before his termination from the department [Picture from the Ukiah Police Department Facebook page]

Jane Doe’s accusations against Murray are described in one of the exhibits contained within the civil complaint. Exhibit A is a formal investigation report taken by Kevin Bailey, a long-time investigator of the Mendocino County District Attorney. Bailey spoke with Jane Doe at length in February 2021 about her alleged experiences with Murray.

From 2011-2013, Jane Doe attended Mendocino College’s nursing program along with a woman we will call C.K. The two sat next to each other and became close friends. 

C.K. became engaged to Kevin Murray during that time. Jane Doe was single and found herself socializing with C.K. and Murray. She lived at the 500 block of Ukiah’s Walnut Street, close enough to C.K. and Murray’s home that she could walk or ride her bike when she hung out with them. From her assessment at that time, Jane Doe saw Murray as a “good person.” 

Jane Doe also knew Murray in his role as a Ukiah Police officer, as did many of the city’s policemen, because there had been ongoing issues between her and an ex-husband.

C.K. and Jane Doe’s friendship ended before C.K. and Murray’s wedding. After a dispute over bridesmaid dresses, C.K. disinvited Jane Doe and unfriended her. 

According to Jane Doe, on April 10, 2014, she was mourning the loss of her dog who had died the day before after it was attacked by another dog.

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Around 11:30 p.m., she was crying about her lost pet when she heard a knock on the front door. She opened the door and found an intoxicated Kevin Murray wearing civilian clothes who had driven there in his personal vehicle. She says she was “shocked to see him” but invited him inside to sit on the couch.

According to Doe’s account, Murray noticed that Jane Doe seemed upset, inquired what was wrong, and learned of the sudden loss of her pet the day before. Murray offered an apology, and Jane Doe asked “isn’t that why you’re here?” assuming he had read about the attack in police reports and had come to her home to offer his support. 

Jane Doe says she realized that Murray was not there to offer sympathy for the dog and asked him “then why are you here and why are you here when you’re drunk?”

At that point Doe says, Murray attempted to touch her breasts. She pushed him away. Jane Doe tried to deflect Murray by reminding him he was going to marry C.K. soon. He continued despite her protests attempting to put his hand down the v-neck of her shirt.

Realizing that the off-duty police officer had possible dark intentions, Jane Doe says she began to feel scared. Finally, after repeated attempts to touch her breasts, Murray allegedly said, “Just let me put my dick in your mouth.”

Jane Doe says she asked Murray if she obliged, did he promise to leave? Murray allegedly said, “yes, I will.” After that, he “stood up, undid his trousers, and exposed his penis.”

Doe says that Murray grabbed her hair and pulled her face towards him. While engaged in oral sex, Jane Doe says she brought up Murray’s fiancee to deflect him. Without ejaculating, Murray stopped and Jane Doe said it was time to leave and he did. She says was “shocked and horrified” by the experience.

Between two and three months later, Jane Doe was up late playing with a new puppy. Around 11:00 p.m., she heard another late-night knock on the door. Murray was once again on her doorstep and intoxicated. She was immediately uncomfortable and reminded Murray of the fact he was soon going to marry C.K. 

Allegedly, the situation became quickly physical when Murray came at Jane Doe from behind, grabbed hold of both arms, and pinned them behind her back. From there, he forced her into a bedroom, pushed her face down into the bed, pulled her pants down, and then his. 

Jane Doe says she watched Murray pull a fixed-blade knife from his pants followed by a .357 semi-automatic handgun, the same sort of weapon he carried while on duty. She asked, “you have a gun?” Murray responded, “I always have a gun when I come to your house.” Murray placed both weapons on the bed near Jane Doe.

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According to Doe, Murray placed his hands and weight on her back pushing her into the bed, and said “this is the way you want it” and vaginally raped her. 

Jane Doe says she cried and told Murray “she did not want to be with him.” He replied “yes, you do” and she repeated “no”. 

Murray allegedly raped Jane Doe for five to ten minutes. She says she cried the entire time. When she protested, he said, “This is happening. You know you want me.”  He ejaculated. He was wearing a condom, removed it, tied it off on the top, and placed it in his pocket. After finishing, the two got dressed and Murray said, “I got to go.” 

Jane Doe says she realized that her son, at that time between 14-15 years old, had come home early from a friend’s house sometime during the assault. She told Murray she thought her son was home and he quickly fled out a side door leaving behind his firearm. 

As Murray fled, Jane Doe’s son entered her room and both saw Murray’s firearm and knife had fallen on the floor next to her bed. She ordered him out of the room and hid the weapons in her purse. 

A few hours after the assault, Murray allegedly snuck to Jane Doe’s bedroom window and called out her name. He told her, “I got to get my gun.” Jane Doe had him enter through the front door to grab the weapons from her purse. Murray did not say one word about the assault that had taken place hours before but did tell Jane Doe, “I really hope you take care of yourself.”

Another mugshot of Kevin Murray after being booked into the Mendocino County Jail

When DA Investigator Kevin Bailey asked Jane Doe why she didn’t report her experiences to law enforcement, she said, “How am I going to tell the police that another cop did something. I did not trust them. They are probably going to throw me in jail. Who am I going to tell?” 

She wrote a letter to be read during the criminal proceedings against Murray. She wrote directly to her abuser, “You are a convicted felon now, a rapist, a thief, a kidnapper, and a liar. You took an oath to protect and serve the community of Ukiah. Instead, you abused your power in the most sickening, and volatile ways.”

Despite coming forward to confront her alleged rapist, Jane Doe’s experience was never brought before a jury of her peers. She now seeks monetary compensation in the form of a civil suit after the criminal courts denied her justice.

Jane Doe has moved away from Ukiah, is now married, and when she learned of the first charges against Murray made public in January 2021, she decided to speak out. “l wanted to speak to someone in authority and tell them the truth of what happened to me and how much it affected me,” she said.

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  1. We should really help young men make the connection about their role in creating life, and the emotional world of the male cycle. Just like women, we too have a tide, and we have been deprived of learning about it. This creates abusive men. Love your sons and guide them.
    Fathers Against Reckless Seminal Emissions

  2. This absolutely disgusts me. He needs to be in prison. It is a matter of time and he will struck again. At that time if his victim says no and pushes away he will kill them or seriously hurt them.
    If the people of Mendocino county aren’t outraged by this then you live in a bubble and believe it won’t happen. Take my word for it it will. I lost my daughter to two men who did this exact thing. Registered sex offenders don’t care and the counseling they do doesn’t work. DO BETTER UKIAH! DO BETTER DA EYSTER AND DO BETTER CITIZENS OF MENDO COUNTY! WE NEED TO STAND WITH THESE VICTIMS AND ALL VICTIMS!!!!!

  3. Lot of women and men get sexually assaulted with a condom so it leaves no evidence. If she said no it means no . You must live under a rock or be related this as&hole if you cant understand that this woman didnt ask for this ,He raped her

    • It sounds like he used coercion to get her to participate. Doesn’t mean she consented to being raped. I’d recommend using critical thinking skills before accusing a victim of looking for a handout especially when Murray has a well documented history of sexual assault.

      • Katherine must be his demented wife how dare her say the things she’s saying. What kind of animal says you can’t get R worded unless your aroused.

  4. Please remove the stupid picture of him kissing a pig. There is no reason that he should be shown in that light b/c it contradicts his true nature as a rapist and just general pos!

    • I think the pig-kissing pictures make him look like an immature asshole that doesn’t take his serious job seriously. But I do feel bad for the pig having its good name tarnished.

    • You are misinformed. A gun and knife were in plain view on the bed. He grabbed her from behind and dragged her to the bedroom. He said the kinds of things rapists say. It’s a clear case. That it was committed by a police officer made it unlikely that she would get justice and she had no protection. You, Katherine, need help if you can’t see all of that.

    • So according to your “logic” its impossible to have sex, forced or otherwise, unless the woman is aroused & therefore its consensual?! Im not sure you’re actually a woman (a man & friend of rapist cop) but I’m positive you’re not very bright!

    • Katherine, you are wrong , you claim a woman must be aroused to have a man force his penis into her vagina? That would mean every woman in history who has been raped , was sexually aroused? You are really an ignorant person and should refrain from your defense of a piece of shit X-cop!!!

    • “Trust me, you are not getting a penis inside any vagina unless the woman is aroused. I am a woman and know this to be FACT!” You are some special kind of stupid arn’t you?

    • @Katherine Have you ever been raped? Do you know what rape is?? Do you understand that rape is just that forced sex?? You do realize that the person being raped doesn’t have to be aroused? He has already been charged with rape and now other victims are speaking out. We the people of this county should stand up for these victims not stand against them. You need to really read all the articles and pay more attention!!

    • “a GOOD man”

      A good man doesn’t rape multiple women and use his status as a police sergeant to instill fear into his victims.

      A good man doesn’t lie about turning in his weapons after being fired from his position as a police sergeant.

      A good man doesn’t do nearly a quarter of the things Kevin Murray has done. In the eyes of many Mendocino County residents, he is not even close to being a good man. A good man admits his faults and does no harm to people. Kevin Murray will live in shame for his whole life and his name will be tied to his actions forever. Katherine, I’m sorry you’ve allowed yourself to view him as such, but he has helped taint the entire view of the Ukiah Police Department along with his former coworkers who have too shown their true intentions behind that badge. You clearly have made these multiple comments in hopes of generating a negative reaction, and congrats; you’ve succeeded.

  5. Katherine are you Murray’s wife or Mother? I know Kevin Murray, a good man is the last thing that would come to mind. He is a violent horrible excuse for a human being. UPD should have never hired him, they knew. They had plenty of reasons to fire him before these sexual crimes, they didn’t. If Bailey took this report, he did, that means Eyster knew about this since Bailey was the Chief DA Investigator. UPD and DA are complicit in this matter. That should worry all of us!!!!!!!

  6. Corruption at its finest! Cover up UPD, DA, investigations all covered this up and are getting away with it. Narcissist MFers!
    Watch your backs when you get pulled over ladies. UPD is dirty the beatings, rapes, X chief, law suits.


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