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[UPDATE 8:05 p.m.: Photos] As 5 p.m. Deadline Passes, Residents of Creekside Cabins Block Bridge, Traffic Backs Up on 101

A tenant in the foreground, first responders in the background at the contentious Creekside Cabins [Picture by Matt LaFever]

As CHP officers call for backup, residents of the embattled Creekside Cabins block the bridge that provides the only entrance and exit to area north of Willits. The temporary bridge was scheduled to be closed at 5 p.m. after being installed yesterday morning and removed at 8 a.m. tomorrow. Any resident still on the property after 5 p.m. would be guilty of a misdemeanor.

A woman with a dog was standing in front of the caterpillar tractor on the bridge and other residents are beginning to gather, our reporter on the scene, Sarah Reith, tells us. There are nine people and a dog including multiple Sheriff’s deputies and CHP. The caterpillar has moved and allowed several vehicles carry residents’ belongings to exit going south as 5:30 p.m.

The California Highway Patrol has issued a CODE 33 alert which means that officers should restrict radio use because of an emergency situation.

There are three CHP officers and a Cal Fire vehicle on scene as well as four or five MCSO deputies.

Traffic is backing up along Hwy 101 in both directions.

According to Reith, residents have told her that they need more time to exit. One man had spent all day getting his trailer registered in order to legally move it. He had succeeded but not been able to cross the bridge in time.

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“One guy is waiting on a duly to come haul his trailer,” she explained. Other residents are still scrambling to collect years of items and pack them before leaving the property. “They want out,” Reith said. But they want more time before they leave.

UPDATE 6:10 p.m.: An ambulance from Willits has showed up at the scene for a medical emergency. We are unable to confirm what the exact situations is.

UPDATE 8:05 p.m.: The incident is still ongoing. Below is a slideshow of images from the scene brought out by Matt LaFever.

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  1. Who came up with this time line ?
    It’s clear to my reading a person in charge needs to be replaced given the county supervision where told by a lady form Sacramento hold deals with these situations that it would takes weeks to remove these poor people. We as a community should be supporting these people no driving by the nuclear disaster with blind eye.

  2. As usual, the poor and destitute are treated as trash by the bureaucrats and law enforcement. Their meager belongings and trailer homes are just trash to the elites.
    This is not the country that I grew up in, and it is not the area that cherishes family and community values. These people are our fellow citizens and neighbors. How can we allow the overpaid “officials” to destroy their lives and trash their homes and belongings? It is unconscionable, unethical and downright cruel, Come on, Mendocino County – we are better than this!

    Karl Brantz

    • Nope sorry you got this place all wrong there are some of those here like everywhere but these were disabled people families and they weren’t allowed to tow there junk away they didn’t allow that they had to keep the bridge open. They couldn’t even walk across it. Stay informed don’t say things unless u know for sure. Please don’t condem a whole park for a few people that isn’t fair. Thank you

  3. Why didn’t they air the part that was with Carol telling why vehicles weren’t out of the park? The part where the residents were treated like crap by some of the crew. How they were not allowed to pull their own trailers out that’s why the other trailers couldn’t get out more wanted out. The fact we couldn’t even bring our trucks in to load stuff up until the last day. People were. Waiting around to b towed and the 1 guy they hired to move all the trailers couldn’t even do it in 16 hrs which is all they really gave us. THERE IS NO FECES LEAKING OUT. If there is come and show the residents and get pictures so we can see the truth!! Put your money where your mouth is!! Thank you!!


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