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Country Music Legend Kris Kristofferson Owns a Parcel of Land Next Door to the Contentious Creekside Cabins

Kris Kristofferson in 1978 [Photograph from WikiCommons and in the public domain]

Kris Kristofferson is a country musician and actor whose contributions have become canonized in the American songbook. Mendocino County residents have long known he owns land along our rugged coast near the community of Elk.

With the eyeballs of the community on the Creekside Cabins after a sinkhole left residents of a rural RV park stranded and eventually forced them to leave or face misdemeanors, we took a look at maps of the area and noticed that a parcel directly south of the contentious property is owned by Kris Kristofferson as well.

A query of the parcel number within Mendocino County’s property records database indicates the piece is 7.4 acres. Kristofferson and his wife Lisa transferred their individual ownership to an LLC called “KK Family Investments”.

OpenCorporates.com indicates “KK Family Investments” is represented by William Harper Jr., an employee of Los Angeles-based law firm Gelfand Rennert, & Feldman which specializes in representing members of the entertainment industry.

Kris Kristofferson wrote songs such as “Me and Bobby McGee”, “Sunday Morning Coming Down”, and “Help Me Make It Through the Night”.

Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson formed the country music supergroup The Highwaymen which came to represent outlaw country and the rejection of Nashville’s country music industry.

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Kristofferson left his mark on the western film genre acting in such films as Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, Stagecoach, and Lone Star.

Creekside Cabin residents gathering belongings and preparing for their departure [Photograph by Peter Armstrong]

To be clear, there is no information or implication that suggests Kristofferson has any relationship with the Creekside Cabins, its landlord Teresa Thurman, or has even set foot on the parcel he owns. Just the odd and somehow sad juxtaposition of a dilapidated RV park at the center of a local controversy where rural poor residents are being forced from their homes nudging up against a property owned by a well-known member of the country music hall of fame.

The tenants are currently being forced from their homes after the County of Mendocino declared a local health emergency. These tenants face a future of uncertainty. Sharing the sentiment of a line in “Me and Bobby McGee”, “[they’re] looking for a home, and I hope [they] find it.”

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  1. Interesting read until the last few paragraphs almost felt like the author
    Beet up on Kristofferson in a begrudgingly way…

  2. Kris Kristofferson has not one thing to do with this whole mess but you are going to capitalize off his name due to his land ownership adjacent to this shit show of a situation? You are an ass Matt! Talk about name dropping, c’mon what is your point of this article? Mr. Kristofferson lived in Mendocino county before you were born! He’s been a good neighbor and friend to many old time residents.I met him back in 1978 and he was his usual gracious and friendly self. You should cancel this little bullshit article and this cheap attempt to gain readership asap. C’mon Matt what are you doing?

  3. How in the hell does kris kristofferson have any thing to do with property he does not own or have any say what happens nor can make any discussions on fixing the inhuman way the RV park owner has allowed the property to become a health hazard… The landlord of the Creekside RV and Cabins is a slumlord and should be ashamed of herself for the neglect of the property. They pay rent for a space to park there home and asshole landlords like Teresea Thruman take advantage of the people who cannot afford to stand up for there rights. It is disgusting how Mendocino county try’s to take the focus off the person or persons at fault. Mendocino county officials make me sick and the rest of the world will soon see how and what Mendocino county’s residents treat there less fortunate.

  4. The article is not crap, but more a shinning of light on the stark contrast between 50 people crammed in squalor on a strip of land and some famous guy’s second or third property.

    Question, what if it wasn’t a sink hole washout, but a fire roaring through? Dead.

  5. I have a letter addressed to him from Mendocino county telling him to remove his illegal signs and fence to a spot I started diving for abalone in 1984. Warden Kevin Jo cited me for trespassing there, referring to the property as owned by “the famous Actor” in his testimony, as if the judge should give that special treatment. The parking spot for that trail was obliterated in a Caltrans redo of the road. I’m guessing they were acting in KK’s interests.

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