Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Mendocino County Deputies De-Escalate Armed Man Using Drone Technology


The following is a post on the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page:

MCSO’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Equipped with speaker and infrared vision [All photographs from MCSO]

On 01-20-2023 at around 4:22 PM, Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the report of a man armed with a rifle in the area of the 2800 block of North State Street in Ukiah.

Sheriff’s Deputies responded, forming a loose perimeter around the subject’s suspected location, preventing him from leaving the immediate area or accessing the public nearby.

A Sheriff’s Office Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was deployed, equipped with a speaker which allowed one way communication with the subject. Using the UAV’s high-resolution cameras, the subject was located.

Via video, it was confirmed the subject was carrying a rifle with a wooden stock. Using the UAV’s speaker, Deputies gave verbal commands, instructing the subject to place the rifle on the ground and step away from the weapon. The subject complied.

Sheriff’s Deputies were then able to peacefully contact the subject and resolve the situation without escalating the incident any further.

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The rifle was determined to be a pellet gun that resembled the appearance of a high-powered rifle.

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  1. I was surrounded by a swat team in Reno for carrying a very expensive German air rifle. $1,500. worth I can light kitchen matches at 50mfeet. My groups all one hole in center target. That was long ago when everybody carried guns around. It did look like a sniper rifle.
    Why don’t they go after road rage drivers? You are just as dead by road rage as gunshot but the press doesn’t cover it.

  2. Glad they’re able to deploy this technology when needed & necessary. Making live contact with guns drawn could be dangerous if someone seemed agitated or aggressive. Or if a movement is perceived as threatening. Although one way communication is really stupid & potentially dangerous for both parties! Thats an obvious issue that should be rectified asap if continued use of the drone is planned.

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