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‘Gut-Wrenching and Disgusting’: Fort Bragg Police Chief Speaks Out on the ‘Brutal Attack’ By Memphis Cops on Tyre Nichols


The following is a letter penned by Fort Bragg Police Chief Neil Cervenka

The five fire Memphis Police officers involved in the brutal death of Tyre Nichols [Screenshot from the video released by the Memphis Police]

The video footage from Memphis, Tennessee released last night showed the brutal attack and suffering of Tyre Nichols. Our hearts go out to Mr. Nichols’ family, as they unnecessarily have endure the death of their father, son, brother, nephew and friend. We mourn with you.
The video was gut-wrenching and disgusting. It caused anger in the law enforcement community. The officers involved brought shame upon their badges and the law enforcement profession as a whole. They betrayed their oaths, their department, their community, and their country.

The now former officers were dealt with swiftly, in a manner we have been striving for. They were immediately fired and rightfully arrested on the charge of murder soon after. The investigation is ongoing and more will face justice for their actions – or inactions – during this incident.

Every day, law enforcement professionals across the nation work to prevent these types of attacks. It shakes us to our core people in uniform-sworn to protect – would horrifically beat a community member, causing their death. It cannot and will not be tolerated.

As we look to answer the question of how this could’ve happened, I will say the despicable acts inflicted on Mr. Nichols do not represent the values, principles, and training at Fort Bragg Police Department. Moreover, we publicly condemn their actions and commit ourselves to public service and safety.

Neil J. Cervenka, Chief of Police
Concern, Compassion, Courage
Since 1889s

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  1. CoP Neil Cervenka, The people of Mendocino County would love to hear your opinion of what’s been happening within OUR OWN law enforcement here in our county.

    Please tell us how YOU feel about our local scene.

    We would love to have you comment on local recent events.

    Do you feel there should be swift judgement enacted upon our law enforcement?

  2. Thank you, Chief Cervenka, for speaking truth where too often there is only blue silence. Change happens only when there is no silence.

  3. ??? We need our officers.
    ?They need our prayers!
    ?? If you’re not praying for them, please start.

    ???? Pray for ALL who are in authority over us.

  4. Give community events to give all officers awards from community members/agencies for their honest work, hard hours and dedication to protect our community once in a while…..Gratitude Award….


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