Saturday, September 23, 2023

Ukiah Police Arrest Pennsylvania Woman for Possession of Vehicle Stolen Out of Reno

The following is a press release issued by the Ukiah Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Brandy Mong [Mugshot from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Booking Logs]

On 1/31/23 at approximately 5:30 pm, Ukiah PD received an alert from the FLOCK license plate reading camera system. The alert was for a stolen vehicle in the area of E. Gobbi St. at Hwy. 101. The vehicle was a dark-colored Subaru Outback which was reported stolen from Reno, NV. on Jan. 14th.  

UPD officers driving marked patrol vehicles located the stolen vehicle parked in the parking lot of the Metro  PCS/T-Mobile store located at 710 S. State St. The vehicle was unoccupied, but there was one person inside the store. Officers surrounded the store and waited for the suspect to return to the vehicle.  

Approximately 10 minutes later, the person who was inside the store exited and got into the driver’s seat of the stolen vehicle. The person then got out of the vehicle and re-entered the store. UPD Officers drove into the parking lot blocking the stolen vehicle. The person inside the store walked out and engaged with officers. This  person complied with officer’s commands and was detained without incident.  

The suspect was identified as 46-year-old Brandy Mong from Pennsylvania. She was arrested for violation of  496d(a) PC, possession of a stolen vehicle. She also had non-extraditable warrants out of Pennsylvania. Mong  was transported and booked into Mendocino County Jail.  

As always, UPD’s mission is to make Ukiah as safe a place as possible. If you would like to know more about  crime in your neighborhood, you can sign up for telephone, cellphone, and email notifications by clicking the  Nixle button on our website; http://www.ukiahpolice.com. 

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  1. Come to california. All you who are lawless and dangerous!!! We dont punish criminals here. Only the law abiding get punished and taxed into poverty…. If we arrest you you will get a photo op ( for street creds). Free lunch. A place to co mingle with fellow criminals. Then promptly released to degrade society some more. Newsome is your friend !!!!

  2. How is it that these people come to Ukiah, a small city almost no one has heard of? Our police logs list many out-of-town petty and not-so-petty criminals. Here?

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