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Five Dogs Involved in Recent Covelo Attack Captured and Will Be Euthanized

Round Valley Tribal Police capturing the dogs that were involved in the recent attack that left on man hospitalized [Pictures provided by Round Valley Tribal Police Chief Carlos Rabano]

Just days after a Covelo man was attacked by a pack of wild dogs and hospitalized, Mendocino County’s Animal Services Department has taken five dogs into custody and will soon euthanize them for their involvement.

Robert Molinari, the Director of Mendocino County’s Animal Services Department, told us that over the last two days Round Valley Tribal Police captured five dogs after they were identified by the victim of the recent attack. 

Molinari said, “All impounded dogs, based on the aggressive behavior displayed, pose a risk, threat, and liability to the community. Due to this, all the dogs that participated in the attack will be euthanized.”

Carlos Robano, the Chief of the Round Valley Tribal Police, told us his agency has been “authorized to purchase more dog tramps, kennels, and nooses in order to help us with our dog problem.” 

Round Valley Tribe Vice President told us that Mendocino County’s Animal Services would assist Round Valley, despite the jurisdictional divide between the county and the tribe, as long as the Tribal Police were on scene.

This marks a successful collaboration between the tribe and county authorities, but more work is needed. Covelo resident Thomas Helmbrecht sent us videos of a recent encounter between his two dogs, a pair of brother livestock guardian dogs, and one of the feral dogs wandering the town. 

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On Tuesday, February 21, 2023, around 6:30 a.m., a wandering dog approached Helmbrecht’s fence barking which antagonized his dogs, clearly igniting their guardian instinct. He was “holding back one of my dogs from getting out and killing it.”

Helmbrecht has sent videos to animal control who have been in touch with the dog’s suspected owner, but despite this, he said “Nobody really does anything about this.”

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  1. I feel bad for these dogs. Their piece of shit owners are the one’s that should be euthanized (kidding…but not really) Dont get a dog if you can’t give them what they give you. Love, loyalty, friendship, protection, companionship & much much more. If you can’t love & care for an animal, who’s sole purpose is to serve you & make you happy, then you’re probably a piece of shit human being!

  2. those weren’t even the same dogs from the post picture the dogs in the first initial post were pitbull mixes not the ones captured and being euthanized! smh.


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