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A Billy Goat Goes Missing Northeast of Willits

The missing billy goat likely wandering around the unincorporated community of Hearst [Photo from a worker at the Milo Sanctuary]

The Milo Sanctuary is a 283-acre property northeast of Willits dedicated to caring for rescued animals. Sadly, a billy goat has gone missing from the property.

A post on the Lost Pet-Found Pet Mendocino County Facebook group explains the goat went missing last Thursday, February 23, 2022, near the unincorporated community of Hearst.

This male goat escaped yesterday from the Milo Animal Sanctuary out near Hearst, 30 minutes from Willits. Unfortunately, he has caseous lymphadenitis, a disease caused by bacteria that affects primarily goats and sheep resulting in abscesses that grow in the lymph nodes and internal organs.

The bacteria is highly transmissible requiring the billy goat to be kept in isolation at the sanctuary. The disease is highly contagious and infected animals can contaminate feed, water, soil, pasture, and boarding facilities. There has been documentation of the disease affecting deer, cattle, pigs, horses, and mice.

If you come across this billy goat, avoid keeping him with other animals. He is reportedly friendly but guarded when near dogs.

Anyone with information about this missing billy goat, please call the Milo Animal Sanctuary at (707)459-4900.

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  1. I hate the thought of putting an animal down too, but, this goat, sounds like it could start a zombie apocalypse! Maybe an animal that poses a risk to so many different things should be terminated?!


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