Wednesday, October 4, 2023

[UPDATES]Highway 101 Traffic Impacted South of Leggett After Big Rig and Pickup Collide

[Stock Photo by Matt LaFever]

A two-vehicle traffic collision occurred on March 1, around 10:40 a.m. on Highway 101 south of Leggett near the Highway 271 onramp.

According to scanner traffic, a big rig and a silver pickup collided, blocking Highway 101. Additional scanner traffic indicates that while the northbound lanes are completely blocked, the southbound lanes are only partially blocked.

The CHP Traffic Incident page states one involved party has minor injuries.

Update 11:22 a.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident page is stating that 2-way traffic control has been set up in the southbound lanes. 

The big rig is reported to have an empty trailer and front-end damage. The silver Chevy pickup is reported to have major right-side damage. Tow trucks have been requested for both vehicles.

Update 2:31 p.m.: The roadway is clear and open.

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Please remember that this story is unfolding. Information is being reported as we gather it. However, some of the information coming from witnesses and initial official reports could be wrong. We will do our best to get the facts but, in the case that something is inaccurate, we will update with correct information as soon as we can.

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