Saturday, September 23, 2023

North Coast Residents Marvel at Brights Lights in the Sky—Come to Find Out, They’re Venus and Jupiter

Jupter and Venus floating above Round Valley [Picture from Jessia Hagen]

If you have been on social media this evening, there is a chance you saw pictures of two bright lights in the sky.

Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office reported their dispatch center got several inquiries about the lights. Some social medial users surmised the aliens were finally coming to visit.

The lights above Covelo [Picture from Yolanda Hoaglen]

Those bright lights are not visitors from another galaxy, but a view of our celestial neighbors Jupiter and Venus in conjunction, essentially passing by each other and putting on a show.

If we’re being honest, there’s a dash of disappointment. We thought they could be aliens too.

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  1. Venus and Jupiter are always hundreds of millions miles apart. They only look close in a view from earth when they are both in the same viewing angle. In the views above, Venus is between earth and sun, while jupiter is on the far side of the sun. The closeness is an illusion.

  2. My husband dragged me outside to see the aliens. He’s always telling me there is some light in the sky, and for sure it is an alien.

    He challenged me, saying “What do YOU see?”

    I said “Lights.” and went inside.

    He wasn’t very happy with me, but I didn’t make any comment when, a little bit later, there was a small TV news feature on how Jupiter and Venus would be together in the night sky.

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