Monday, October 2, 2023

Perfectly Willits: A Guy Dressed in a “Scream” Costume in Front of a “Scream” Poster Outside a Screening of “Scream”

The most genius Scream fan that has ever lived [Picture provided by Stephani Vazquez]

Somehow the Scream franchise trudges on. The first film was released during Bill Clinton’s first term. 26 years later, Scream VI is in its opening weekend providing the jump scares and shallow script we all remember.

Somehow it seems fitting that Willits would give the world a Scream fan superior to all the rest.

This afternoon, this absolute unit of a Scream fan wore the revered mask and shroud replete with an oversized knife in hand.

A perusal of the background of the photograph will reveal this fan is not just wearing the costume, but standing aside Scream VI’s poster.

The duplicate becomes triplicate when you realize that this Scream fan dressed in a Scream costume next to a Scream poster is standing in front of Willits’s Noyo Theater where the newest Scream is being screened.

Is this nonsense? Yes. Newsworthy? No. Deserving of our admiration? Absolutely.

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  1. I say this with love AND truth. What ” dude” in leftover Halloween scream costume NEEDS is deliverance from the spirits that possessed him to take on this persona and go hang out at the Noyo to sit under such a demonic viewing!

    IN Jesus name! ✝️🙏🏽

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