Wednesday, July 24, 2024

On the Mendocino/Humboldt County Line, Highway 101 Appears to be Collapsing

101 by Cooks Valley. [Photos by David Landergen]

An area just north of the Humboldt/Mendocino County line continues to drop. Caltrans has had a one-way traffic control operation in place due to a slip-out in the area for at least two months.

The current open “lane” is actually on the uphill slope more on the roadside than on the normal roadway.

Concerns are mounting that the road could close and there is no detour readily obvious for the major north-south travel route.

However, according to Myles Cochrane, spokesperson for Caltrans, “24-7 monitoring of the site continues and so long as it’s open it’s safe. Crews continue to conduct and plan proactive stabilization efforts and have been mobilizing equipment in the event of further slide activity. We’re encouraging folks to follow us via ‘Caltrans District 1’ on social media for further updates if and when they’ll be necessary.”

KMUD interviewed Cochrane here:

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  1. If I’ve learned anything about Northern California drivers over the last month its that they think they can drive through anything! There will be a prius bottomed out on that mess in no time.

  2. ?I just watched a really horrifying prophecy about the West Coast concerning Tsunami activity.

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    If you’re a believer already and you have backslidden, the Lord is calling you to come home. He will forgive you, just come as you are. Just come back to Him before it’s too late.

    ????? Jesus Christ Loves you! Please don’t wait! Don’t hesitate. Come, while there’s still time.

    • May I ask what prophecy you watched. I’m interested in seeing it! I believe that Jesus will be coming soon and people need to repent and turn to him before it’s too late. California is off the hook and people don’t believe his judgment will be the same.

      • If your at all interested in the topography or geology of NorCal, check out the video on youtube titled Mendocino triple junction. It’s 100% factual and gives some very basic insight on our tectonically active area. Stay well, dry and safe. ??


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