Saturday, September 23, 2023

Mask and Vaccine Requirements Become Recommendations—Mendo Public Health Follows State and Dials Back COVID-19 Orders

The following is a press release issued by Mendocino County Public Health:

Public Notice: The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) recently ended many of the COVID-19 orders that have been in place since the pandemic began in 2020. In recent months,  Mendocino County has deferred to CDPH health orders, so this advisory is meant to inform our community about recent changes. 

Starting March 13, 2023: 

  1. Close contacts without symptoms are recommended to test as soon as possible after day 1 of exposure. If they test positive, they are infectious and should isolate. If they are within 30 days of a prior infection, testing is not recommended. Healthcare workers who are close contacts (without symptoms) must test on days 1, 3, and 5 (but no work restrictions). 
  2. People who test positive or are diagnosed with COVID by a clinician are recommended to isolate for 5 days. If no fever for 24 hours (without medication) and symptoms are resolving, they may return to work or school wearing a well-fitting mask until the 10th day (Day 1 is positive test of onset of symptoms). They may test out of masking with two consecutive days of negative tests after day 5. If symptoms return, re-test, and if positive start isolation again. 
  3. Routine screening tests are not recommended. 

Starting April 3, 2023: 

  1. Vaccines and boosters are not required but still recommended for all people over 6 months old as they have been very effective at preventing severe disease. Vaccine requirements will continue for some high-risk workers and in MediCal/Medicare-covered workplaces. 
  2. MASKING is no longer required by CDPH but should be considered for the elderly, the immunocompromised, and their household members. Masking is recommended when the CDC Community Level (CL) is intermediate and strongly recommended when CL is high. 
  3. For schools, there are no new orders: Students are covered as the rest of the community would be. Teachers and staff must follow Cal-OSHA regulations. 
  4. Healthcare workers in acute care and skilled nursing facilities are covered by AFL 21.08.9  and by AFL 22.13.1 respectively
  5. Home tests taken by the individual themselves do not need to be reported. Tests performed by healthcare providers will continue to be reported. 
  6. Treatments: Contact your provider, visit Sesame Care, or call 833-686-5057. 

Mendocino County Department of Public Health and CDPH have used science to guide our health strategies throughout the pandemic. The Public Health and community efforts to understand this pandemic are helping prevent serious infections and protect vulnerable people, so changes to the health orders are now possible. 

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  1. Biggest fraud in human history. The herd was stampeded into allowing sinister forces to inject a immune system destroying gene therapy poison into their bodies. Result: massive numbers of dead and injured. A conversation MSM avoids. So the emperor with no clothes declares the C19 scam is over. The emergency is not over. The population that stupidly trusted the NIH/CDC/Fauci liars who took the experiment are ticking time bombs. Many died within hours, days, weeks, months of the jab. Died suddenly is trending. Huge numbers, including my brother, are injured. The global Conniving cabal that brought us the C19 flu and their very profitable “cure” are planning another plague that will,, as Billy Gates stated, get our attention . The criminal bio-terrorists have hybridized via gain of function the H5N1 bird flu. Estimate of kill rate: 10% to 50%.

    • Take off your aluminum foil hat and turn off fox news for a minute and regain what ever common sense you may have had…sad when people lose their ability to distinguish fact from fiction.

      • Sorry Charlie but I have not had a TV for the past 30 years. Nor listened to the nuts on MSM radio. Thus I was not induced to believe the fear hypes nor take the crap. What I did do is spend many many hour of research? Thus my tin foil post is on solid ground. No reticence from this quarter.

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