Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Gun Death in Covelo—Detectives Investigating

[Stock photo by Matt LaFever]

A 20-year-old Covelo man was found dead early this morning from an apparent gunshot wound. Detectives with the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office are investigating.

MCSO Captain Greg Van Patten told us “we are actively investigating what appears to be a gunshot-related death that was reported to the Sheriff’s Office early this morning

Scanner traffic beginning around 4:34 a.m. indicated a man was lying in the middle of Tabor Lane bleeding from a gunshot wound to the chest. First responders attempted CPR but declared him dead within 20 minutes.

Responding deputies asked that the scene remain intact and that first responders block off the roadway so they could conduct their investigation.

Captain Van Patten could not provide any further information because investigations are ongoing. “Once information becomes available for public release, it will be disseminated by press release possibly later today or sometime tomorrow.”

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  1. The gun death in VA parking lot on Feb 7 2020 was blocked by Ukiah police and never reported in news. It is still not on National gunshot death data base. I have photographs of the blood puddle. Crime scene was cleansed, no crime scene tape. Sheriff answered Anderson Valley request. “We did not cover up we just did not speak”

    • A gunshot death near a child daycare center never made the news? If a dog was shot it would be front page. But veterans are disposable

    • And you pretending you are a journalist? A gunshot death in Ukiah covered over by VA and all 911 responders at Kings Court. A crime scene cleansed and no news report of gunshot death in city limits? This is censorship in extreme.

    • 2020, I don’t think mendofever was in business back then. Forward them your pics and details and he probably would like to write a story.

      • I did that three years ago. I am the reason Sheriff offered Anderson Valley News the bogus response. But covid made all news go away.

      • Gunshot death always makes the news. In a public place? Cover up cover up cover up. Do we have investigative journalists in Mendocino county. VA Staff have told me there was gag order.
        This is a war crime.

  2. Jail and courts bring much tax payer money into county coffers. Poor people suffer while rich people complain. This is class warfare clear and simple.

  3. And yet there is still no public transportation to/from covelo, like she said there’s no services up there. Drugs and alcohol rampaging. All that can be done is to pour money into Covelo schools.

    And for all the horrible culture related comments: read a fucking book! Many different cultures were forcibly squashed together in that valley long (not really) ago. I wish white people would stop thinking of all natives as 1 culture.

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