Monday, October 2, 2023

Willits Police Arrest Multiple Trespassers for Animal Cruelty

The following is a press release issued by the Willits Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On March 30th, 2023 at about 8:23pm, Willits PD (WPD) Officers/ were dispatched to 283 Sherwood Rd (Willits) for a report of unwanted subjects. The address has been previously condemned (“red tagged”) and signs are posted advising “No Trespassing”.

Upon their arrival, the WPD Officers contacted Jason Gower (31, Willits) and Haley Tyrrell (30, Willits) in a shack at the rear of the main residence after they attempted to barricade themselves inside. Gower immediately became combative and resistive causing him to be forcibly detained.

Barry Martin (34, Willits) was located inside the shack and ordered out. The shack was secured due to an aggressive K9 inside as well as a Husky breed dog locked in a kennel.

The WPD Officers then cleared the main residence, locating five additional trespassers; Frederick Hyre (62, Willits), Bradley McCartney (67, Willits), Brooke Lewis (42, Willits), Tyler Row (28, Willits), and David Byer (39, Willits).

Row is on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS), a form of parole, with terms to include at least “obey all laws”. Row is also the restrained person in a served restraining order with Lewis the protected party.

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Lewis was found to have a local no-cite misdemeanor warrant for her arrest.

A WPD Officer cleared the shack and found the Husky was emaciated and locked in a kennel far too small for its size. The WPD Officer also heard the sound of dogs whimpering behind a door that was blocked with carpet fabric. The Officer had to forcibly open the blocked door, at which point he found four small German Shepherd mix puppies in a small bathroom. All four puppies were covered in their own feces and urine. The bathroom was covered in excrement and there was no water or food available. The puppies were visibly hungry as they immediately began to eat trash and rotten food found strewn about the floor of the shack.

Given the living situation and condition the four puppies and the Husky mix were found in, WPD Officers had probable cause to believe a serious case of animal abuse was occurring.

Mendocino County Animal Control was called out to assist with collecting the six K9s.

Byer, Hyre, Martin, and McCartney were released on citations for violation of 602(m) PC – Trespass Without Owner’s Consent.

Tyrrell, Gower, Lewis and Row were transported and booked into the county jail for the following charges:

Row – 3455 PC [Violation of PRCS] 273.6 PC [Violation of a Domestic Violence Restraining Order], and 602(m) PC [Trespass Without Owner’s Consent].

Lewis – A no-cite warrant, and 602(m) PC [Trespass Without Owner’s Consent].

Gower – 1203.2 PC [Felony Violation of Probation], 182 PC [Felony Conspiracy], 597 PC [Felony Animal Cruelty], 148(a)(1) PC [Resist/Obstruct Peace Officer], and 602(m) PC [Trespass Without Owner’s Consent].

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Tyrell – 182 PC [Felony Conspiracy], 597 PC [Felony Animal Cruelty], 148(a)(1) PC [Resist/Obstruct Peace Officer], and 602(m) PC [Trespass Without Owner’s Consent].

The Willits Police Department would like to thank the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office and Mendocino County Animal Control for their assistance.

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  1. 🤬🤬🤬🤬this is why I dont like seeing the homeless with dogs. Everyone needs companionship & some are good owners but if you can’t take care of yourself, then how can you care for a dog?

    • These people are tweeker bums not homeless people. There is a difference between falling on hard times, needing some assistance from the taxpayers and being a worthless POS.

  2. Seems like every derelict has a dog,some look ok.ahh,but normal help and shelters prohibit them, helps them to get special attention. Dogs ain’t people,.22 anesthesia is cheap and effective.

  3. Yes and mine too. It is important. First, it is illegal for those people to stay there. This affects neighbors and obviously the dogs these people were cruel to. Rats, garbage, no heat, no water, vermin, possible fires, public health hazard. The place is red tagged.
    Thank you WPD, MCSO, Animal Control.

  4. I think its some of bidens cabinet members out on maternity leave. Their private jet may be waiting at the airport

  5. The dog that is claimed to be malnourished just had a litter of I think 8 pups. Haley has been working her ass of to try to get her to gain weight, although giving birth is difficult on anybody’s body.
    She was kind enough to care for this dog after it’s previous owners had abandoned her after losing their house and their child. So she did what she could to help support each one of the babies, caring for them for 8+ weeks now and was days away from taking the rest of them to the milo foundation for adoption. Each puppy was perfectly healthy and it is expected of puppies to take a crap in places they run around in. I don’t agree with the condition of their room, but Haley did her absolute best caring for those puppies and like I said, was just a few days away from appropriately placing the puppies elsewhere. She did not know that the dog was pregnant until a few days before she had given birth, after she agreed to take her in and tried her best to bring her health and weight back up. She successfully found a few of them forever homes after they were old enough to separate from the mother. The mother also has food allergies to everything and it took her time to find her the right diet as everything she tried to feed her would just run right through, it took her many attempts and adjusting to get her to this point and it should be known what Haley and Jason both put a huge effort into especially due to it being someone else’s responsibility, those people need to step in and take ownership of their dogs condition if anything. It was not Haley and Jason who deserve to do time for trying to do what they thought was the right thing. Their hearts were in the right place.

    Aside from all of that,
    If lewis and Rowe had a restraining order, then why would the officers present that day place them both in the same vehicle that transported them to the jail? They should have had them travel separately as the court order should have still been in effect regardless of them already breaking that law. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    If they were trespassing, where are the signs on the property? Where is the fence or gate surrounding the perimeter of said property ? There was an eviction notice posted days prior to the incident and from that day should’ve given them around 60-90 days to figure things out as technically this house was in adverse possession at this point. They have been there for months, and by law it was not legal to ambush them and rip them away from what they know as their home. There’s a legal step by step process that has to be done in order to remove tenants from a place.

    & the place in the back is not a shack. It’s a guest house/in law unit that was built along with the house. The way they explain this makes it sound like they built some crack shack when it is actually drawn along with the house in the blue prints.

    I agree that the state of the house was not entirely up to standard, and it could have been a lot neater, but these people only wanted a place to feel safe and it is one of the coldest winters we have had in a while. As for the rest of the house it looks a lot better than it did a few years ago when another group had lived there. Outside of the house was well kept and inside there was less damage than it previously had and was neat for the most part.

    Hope that the real facts will circulate in hopes that most of these allegations will be dismissed, as they truly deserve it.

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