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With Mendocino County’s Orders Over, Public Health Recommends Multiple Strategies to Avoid COVID

The following is a press release issued by Mendocino County Public Health

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California and the nation have ended many COVID Emergency Orders, and many people and institutions are wondering what to do. Mendocino County has no current COVID Orders, and no new orders are planned after receiving feedback from clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and the general public.

Public Health has used the best scientific evidence to preserve the health of our communities. Orders were required when the pandemic was raging and healthcare resources were threatened. But COVID rates have fallen into the range of a bad year for influenza, for which we do not write general orders. Nevertheless, no one size fits all and for those who are vulnerable, or who live with or care for more vulnerable people, additional precautions can and should be taken.

So, what are the current recommendations to avoid COVID, long COVID, and hopefully another pandemic?

I. Staying current with all vaccines and boosters is the best way to stay free of COVID. These are no longer required except for a primary series for Health Care Workers. The new boosters are more effective than the old and are recommended for all, especially those who are immune compromised, very young (to 6 months old), older, pregnant, new parents, houseless, in congregate living, and/or have underlying illnesses.

II. Masks are very effective at preventing all respiratory illnesses. Vulnerable people should consider masks always, while others should consider them in indoor public places such as transportation hubs, shelters, and correctional facilities. Individuals should use recommendations based on the CDC Community Level (posted on the County’s website) to help decide when to mask up. Health Care Workers should use CDC Transmission Levels to help make similar decisions. People who have any symptoms of respiratory illness should mask to protect others, though children under 2 years old and some others are exempt. Those who work should check with their employers for additional CalOSHA requirements at work.

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III. Improve hygiene behaviors (handwashing, cleaning surfaces, covering coughs) and increase ventilation to clear the air of germs.

IV. Testing is recommended within a day after a close contact with an infected person. If the test is negative, a mask is recommended for 5 days, but no quarantine is needed. Health care workers should test negative on days 1, 3, and 5 – but do not have to lose work.

V. A person is infectious if their COVID test is positive and should isolate (from work, school, and gatherings) for 5 days. To get a prescription for PAXLOVID, they could call their provider or Sesamecare at 833-686-5057 to get a free prescription. This treatment shortens the course of the illness and decreases the risks of transmission and Long COVID. If symptoms are resolving and fever is resolved for 24 hours without using fever reducing medication, they may end isolation after day 5 (without a test), but should continue to wear a high quality mask until the 10th day. If they do not test, they may return to work/school after 10 days. If two tests on different days are negative they may return to usual activities after 5 days as above without a mask.

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  1. Nothing about those injured or killed by the jab. . Any tests being done? D-dimer? How about autopsies? It’s past time for out of bounds public health to admit it. The jab is an experiment that did nothing to prevent the overblown Covid-flu. What it did do was calm the herd, pollute the population’s blood, sperm, mother’s milk, and DNA. Why is so-called public health mum about the gene therapy medical catastrophe?

  2. It’s astounding that this dangerous “vaccine” still is being pushed by Public Health. Millions around the world have died and been injured. Countries are reporting excess death figures over the usual statistics. Long haul jab. I and two friends caught a flu from a nursing home visitation. One did an at home “Covid test”. It’ read out positive. Two of us three had been vaccinated, one having had boosters. I’m 80 years old and unsullied by that gene therapy “vaxx”. Some good their jabs did. My experience (if that home kit can be believed) with the “Covid” was its a mild flu. Up and at it in 5 days. Had I run over to the hospital saturated with fear porn they would have dispatched me with the Fauci protocol. It’s such a hype. Of course Publiic Health enjoyed their power trip with mandates. Deborah Birx in her revealing book confesses there was zero science behind the lockdown and the social distancing. It’s a fact the mark is virtually worthless for stopping a virus. The damage from the scare tactics is still creating economic misery. And distrust in Public Heath authorities.

      • Too long? Well I could go on. The date is September 20, 2023. Here they come again. Read what top virologist Dr. Robert Malone has to say about the safety and efficacy of the latest kool aid rollout. The new brew just like its predecessors is neither safe nor effective. Edward Dowd (Cause Unknown) has the stats about the huge numbers of dead and injured. What has the synthetic gene therapy mRNA achieved? Nothing!! The alleged “Covid” is still being touted as alive and well. So much for efficacy. Unfortunately many who believed the hype are ill, disabled, or dead. So much for safety. A recent poll reveals “only“ 24% say they will line up for the jab. I guess the word is getting out that playing Russian Roulette is not too smart. There is no cure for the flu, the common cold, nor for this non-stop hampster wheel hype. It’s a profit driven scam. Fascism in its most diabolical form, government and big pharma in an unholy alliance.


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