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School Bus Driver Appreciation Day is April 25th

The following is a press release issued by the Ukiah Unified School District:

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Ukiah Unified School District Trustees adopted Resolution 21, 2022-23 at their April 13th meeting, recognizing their bus drivers and declaring April 25, 2023, as School Bus Driver Appreciation Day. The resolution states that Ukiah Unified School District believes it is important to salute and appreciate school bus drivers and recognize the invaluable contributions they make to education and safety each and every day.

“Our bus drivers are the unsung heroes of Ukiah Unified School District. Without the dedication and hard work of these drivers, many of our students would not make it to school and have access to the education they deserve. On behalf of the District and our community, I cannot express enough how much we appreciate the tireless efforts of our bus drivers, who truly make a difference in the lives of our students and families every day,” said Ukiah Unified Trustee President Tyler Nelson.

The National Academy of Sciences, The United States Department of Transportation, and other authorities agree that school buses are the safest form of transportation for getting children to and from school. In 2022, Ukiah Unified bus drivers safely transported more than 1,400 students between home and school every day, totaling 78,641 SAFE miles and 613,608 total SAFE miles since 2017. The Ukiah Unified fleet consists of 16 Type I buses, including 8 electric buses!  

Bus drivers are a crucial link in the education chain, so we want to spotlight our drivers and celebrate the vital contribution they make to the success of our community. April 25, 2023, is National Bus Driver Appreciation Day; please join Ukiah Unified School District as we appreciate and celebrate our school bus drivers, driver’s aides, and transportation staff. Help us recognize the invaluable contributions they make to education and safety! 

What you can do to appreciate our fantastic bus drivers:

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  • Take a selfie with a bus driver and share it on social media
  • Give a bus driver a gift, card, or letter
  • Treat a bus driver to coffee or lunch
  • Say THANK YOU! Let them know you appreciate them

“The best part about being a driver is getting to see the kid’s happy faces in the morning when they get on. Asking them about their day, taking them home, and making sure they’re safe. That’s why we do what we do,” stated Adam Lawson, Ukiah Unified Driver Instructor. 

If you or anyone you know wants to start a rewarding career helping our community as a school bus driver, please call 707-472-5040 or visit www.uusd.net and click on Employment Opportunities. You can also stop by in person at 511 South Orchard Avenue in Ukiah and fill out an application.  Join the Ukiah Unified team and make a difference in the lives of our children!

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