Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Mendocino County Superior County Launches Online Tool for Fine Reductions in Infraction Cases


The following is a press issued by the Mendocino County Superior Court:

Lady Justice mural in the Mendocino County courthouse [Picture by Matt LaFever]

Individuals cited for traffic violations and other infractions have a new way to ask for their fines to be reduced. Mendocino County Superior Court is launching an online tool called  “MyCitations: Ability to Pay”, available on the Court’s website. Through this online portal,  users can look up citations, enter some information about their income and household size and ask the court for fine reductions, payment plans, more time to pay, or convert their fines to community service. MyCitations cannot assist the public with requests for traffic violator school or to show proof of correction on correctable charges. 

Kim Turner, Mendocino Superior Court Executive Officer, said the court had been doing ability-to-pay determinations on paper for many years. She stated that the MyCitations tool can be accessed from any computer or smartphone, making it easier for the public to request relief from the court. It can only be used for traffic infractions, such as moving violations, and other infractions, such as Fish and Game violations and local ordinances. 

She noted that the implementation of MyCitations is part of a statewide effort to ensure that infraction violators on public benefits or with low income are able to take care of these infraction fines without adverse consequences, such as referrals to Collections. 

MyCitations was developed to build a more accessible system for people to pay infraction fines based on financial hardships. Mendocino Court is now among more than 30 courts in the state using this system. All 58 California trial courts are required by law to implement MyCitations by  June 30, 2024. The link to this tool can be found at www.mycitations.courts.ca.gov.  

For more information contact: 

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Kim Turner 
Court Executive Officer 
100 N. State Street, Room 303 
Ukiah, CA 954825 
(707) 463-4664 

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