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Mendocino County’s 1st District Supervisor Announces He Will Not Seek Reelection


The following is an announcement from Mendocino County’s 1st District Supervisor Glenn McGourty

I want all of my friends, family, supporters and constituents to know that I am not running for a second term as 1 st District Supervisor for Mendocino County. I did not reach this decision easily, but after 35 years in public service (33 as a UC Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor and 2.5 as a Supervisor) I will be ready to call it a day when my term is up in 2024. There are still many adventures and plans I have for my life, and when this term is over, it will be time to pursue them. Among these include spending time with my grandkids, having the perfect garden that I never have time to care for, and visiting family and friends across California, the US and the world. I will always be grateful for the broad coalition of supporters who helped my campaign and voted for me. We all see the importance of caring for the place where we live because it is such a unique and beautiful corner of the earth. I am so honored for the trust you have given me as your supervisor.

Also, great love and appreciation for my wife Jan who always had my back and kept order in our home when things tended towards chaos! (As usual, she has always exceeded my expectations.)

I will miss representing the 1st District which has a diverse population of wonderful people, a strong agricultural industry and with the addition of Hopland, a unified cultural area which I call the Russian River Villages (Potter Valley, Redwood Valley, Calpella, Talmage and Hopland). There are still 1.6 years of my term left. I certainly will not slack off on the many tasks left to accomplish this term, including water resiliency, fire safety, improving our housing inventory, reducing our county’s carbon footprint, creating a more responsive county government with a balanced budget, and many other issues that are not yet completed. I am confident that there is going to be a broad array of candidates to replace me and that our district voters will have good choices for leadership. I am grateful for serving with 4 other very collaborative Supervisors who also care deeply about the well-being of our county, and a supportive county workforce that works hard to deliver services to our unique constituency. It is not over yet! I look forward to a productive completion of my term for you. If I have learned anything, life is fleeting and I treasure the moments that I have to spend in this beautiful and diverse county filled with so many interesting people. Thank all of you for the chance you have given me to represent you as your 1 st District Supervisor.

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  1. So let’s get this straight, a one term failure!!!!!! You joined forces with Bowtie Ted and Basement Dan to disrupt the County’s finances, force a two offices to combine because you don’t like Ms. Cubbison. Your treatment of Ms. Cubbison, along with Bowtie, has been appalling. But when the kitchen you set on fire got to hot, you and Basement Dan run away like a couple of COWARDS!!!! Now Bowtie’s team is falling apart. After all the lies and manipulation the plan is failing, huh Bowtie!!!!!!! Maybe it’s time for you to resign, Bowtie. A shout out to Chamise Cubbison for staying in the fight. Remember good usually wins.


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