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Police Body Cam Reveals the Brutality of Recent Fort Bragg Pit Bull Attack

[Footage provided by the Fort Bragg Police Department]

Two Fort Bragg women were severely injured when two pit bulls attacked them on April 22, 2023, requiring emergency medical care which later led to the euthanization of the violent animals. 

One woman had three partially severed fingers and had to be flown to an out-of-the-area hospital, one woman had a severe bite to her face, while a third dog that attempted to stop the attack was mauled and is still under a vet’s care.

Body camera footage from the pit bull attack provides a glimpse of the brutality wrought by the animals that day. 

For full disclosure, in the process of requesting this body camera footage from the Fort Bragg Police Department (FBPD), we agreed that any footage of the injured women not be included so as not to re-traumatize them.

The thirty-second video clip begins as FBPD Officer Colin McHugh approaches an accessory dwelling unit in the backyard of a Fort Bragg home with his firearm at the ready. 

A woman, who suffered severe injuries with three fingers, can be heard off camera directing officers. 

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Chief Cervenka told us officers found her sitting on top of a large container she had climbed on top of for safety. She was in a state of shock and told officers that the dogs had never been violent before.

Upon the officer’s entrance, the camera captures two large pit bulls covered in blood and tearing at a third lying between the aggressors. The dogs are so caught up in the process of attacking the third they barely take notice of the officer. Rather than attempt to intervene, the officer closes the door after which emergency personnel proceeded to provide care to the injured woman.

The woman with the mangled fingers would later be flown to an out-of-town hospital where doctors were able to reattach her fingers. The other victim had managed to flee the backyard and was found by officers bleeding from her forearm with a bite wound on her face.

The third dog being attacked had reportedly attempted to protect the women from the violent pair. This resulted in the pair turning on one of their own, which is the attack depicted in the video. 

The two aggressor dogs were eventually taken into custody by officers and euthanized. No charges were pressed against the owner, the brother of one of the women attacked by the dogs. The third dog is receiving veterinary care.

In a press release, Chief Cervenka praised the actions of his officers that day, “The courage shown by the first responding officer is commendable. Coming into a chaotic scene with no information, two severely wounded people, while facing very large, very aggressive dogs is challenging to say the least. Officer McHugh, without hesitation, put the life and safety of a community member over his own.”

Anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to contact FBPD’s community service officer at (707) 961-2800 ext. 128.

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  1. All the blame to dogs? Were they fixed, were they locked up for hours on end. Dogs need a lot of care, exercise and attention. If you don’t have the time don’t get a dog.

      • Whatever……your comment explains the mentality of those desiring to watch a 3 second long video that shows nothing beneficial to anything.. The showing of which does what? What is the desired outcome that is question. Believe me I’ve seen and experienced much worse. Yes officer took risk to shut door…but we knew that…..are we to know two dogs tore apart a third dog? Oh yeah we knew that….did we know woman was screaming directing officer to where dogs were in house? Oh we knew that. So basically video was posted for shock and awe….because of this attack every. pitbull owner on coast will be subjected to people going out of their way to avoid dog…or have comments made to them…..probably 70 percent of all the shelter dogs are pits or pit mixes and now their futures may be threatened. I just feel posting of video unnecessary.

  2. The policeman was right to just shut the door. Glad the third dog survived. She must have thought it was the end. It is not possible to save a dog under those circumstances, as it would have put the victims and the officer in further danger. This incident illustrates the danger posed by supposedly “friendly” pit bulls.

  3. This is why pitbulls shouldn’t exist! The whole breed should be eradicated. Not one person who owns one has it trained worth a nickel. The breed is too stupid to learn, it just wants to kill. The pitbull was bred for one thing – bloodsport. The idiots who defend this breed don’t have two brain cells together. Garbage dogs for garbage people.

  4. It is unfortunate, but the animals need to be destroyed. Praise Allah that no child was killed. It was a mess waiting to happen… thank you to FB Police for their excellent response in this situation.

  5. To me this looks like unfixed dogs one in heat ; they turn on everything . They go into a red zone . You get rid of all competition. Including humans. Sexual aggression is very real. I wished when stories like this are written ; these questions are asked ? We’re these dogs fixed ? Any dog coming into heat. I was attacked only one time from golden retriever with extreme sexual aggression; jumped on my back trying to bite back of my neck . Really frightening. I work with rehab of bully breeds . I have never had a incident like this ; but all my dogs are fixed coming into my program.

  6. I’m just glad Officer Frank and Mchugh showed up when they did. Those poor ladies would have been killed had it not been for their heroic acts… pit bulls can be scary!

    • Maybe I’m wrong but Were the ladies not outside with the dogs locked inside when he got there. I’m not saying he wasn’t brave or he didn’t do a good job, I’m just saying the weren’t going to die if he hadn’t shown up.

      • Maybe to get out of yard you had to go through house? I’m not sure but sometimes if you’ve been brutally attacked you can’t think straight, her fingers were falling off bro

  7. Saw two dogs fighting at lowgap dog park while owners are trying to break it up and make excuses, "sorry she's normally so good!" Lolololol Saw two dogs fighting at lowgap dog park while owners are trying to break it up and make excuses, "sorry she's normally so good!" Lolololol

    Again everyone’s comments are making excuses for the dogs! Who cares if they were in heat, if the house was messy, if the owner was gone! Not the point! The dogs could have gotten out and killed a kid. The video shows these dogs tearing up another quite happily
    Just like a car or a gun, dogs CAN kill. I know 4 people in my life who’ve been bitten by dogs, 2 of them happened as kids and they both have permanent facial disfigurement and the other 2 are now scared of dogs.
    As a responsible dog owner in the past I can tell all I don’t ever want a dog again. Our last dog was a perfect prince with our family, but if people came over we had to put him behind a fence because he would definitely bite. There was no taking him for walks, we did socializing and puppy training classes. We were responsible, he was fixed, clean house. It was scary you just never know.

  8. Is it the wagging tails that are fooling you all? I can’t believe the cognitive dissonance and codependency in these comments.

    We are not hunter tribal gatherers or herders that need a dogs killing instincts anymore. What we are looking for is connection and love, go find out how to give that or allow it yourself, we don’t need a dog we need therapists and counselors.

  9. This person should not be allowed to own any animals, period.
    I’ll probably get deleted if I say who this person is, but the last name Efishoff should ring a bell for most of you.


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