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Raised in Redwood Valley and Devoted to Public Service, Trevor Mockel Will Run for 1st District Supervisor

The following is a message to residents of Mendocino County’s 1st District from supervisorial candidate Trevor Mockel. Please note, we do not endorse any specific candidate.

Mendocino County 1st District Supervisor Candidate Trevor Mockel [Photograph provided by him]

Dear fellow Mendocino County residents,

Today, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and excitement as I announce my candidacy for the position of First District Supervisor of Mendocino County. My career to date has been dedicated to serving my community, and I believe that I have the experience, values, and vision necessary to make a real difference in the lives of all those whom I hope to represent.

As a lifelong resident of the First District, I have seen firsthand the challenges that our community faces daily. Mendocino County has faced incredible difficulties, from prolonged and damaging droughts to sudden and devastating wildfires. This is to say nothing of the human toll – I have seen families struggle to make ends meet, students struggle to receive a quality education, and businesses struggle to thrive in a constantly changing world.

But I am not deterred by these challenges. In fact, they motivate me even more to work tirelessly to create a better future for all of us. I believe that by bringing together our diverse perspectives, ideas, and talents, we can find innovative solutions to our problems and build more equitable and just solutions to the challenges we face. 

Securing the future of the First District will be a three-part challenge that requires a delicate balance between water, fire, and agriculture. Water is a precious resource in this district, and ensuring its sustainable use and conservation is critical for the future. At the same time, the threat of wildfires is an ever-present danger that must be addressed through proactive fire management strategies. Finally, agriculture plays a vital role in the district’s economy and must be managed carefully to ensure its long-term viability. Balancing these three priorities will require careful planning, collaboration, and innovation to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are met while preserving the district’s natural resources for future generations.

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Throughout my professional career, public service has been the cornerstone. I’ve had the honor of serving in various capacities, including staffing and legislative work for two California State Senators in their Capitol offices. I’ve also had the privilege of serving as a Field Representative for the California State Senate, overseeing Mendocino, Lake, Trinity, Humboldt, and Del Norte Counties. I’ve gained valuable experience working for First Five of Mendocino County, Mendocino County Public Health, and the City of Ukiah City Manager’s Office. These diverse experiences have helped me hone my skills in policy analysis and advocacy, data analysis, emergency operations management, community outreach, and other valuable areas.

I pledge to listen to your concerns, engage with you, and work alongside you to create the kind of community that we all want and deserve.

I am running because I believe that we can do better. I am running because I believe in the power of our collective potential. And I am running because I believe that together, we can build a brighter future for Mendocino County.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to earning your trust and support in the coming weeks and months.

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  1. I’m worried when I hear the current BOS, according to Ted Williams is endorsing you. This Board has been a massive failure. Are we going to get the same decisions if we elect you? The BOS says our County is on the verge of bankruptcy as they try to blame a fellow elected position for it’s shortfalls. Which is a lie!!!! What is your stance on budget issues? I hope you are not another Ted Williams in sheep’s clothing.

  2. Trevor is a very smart, dedicated public servant and we would be very fortunate if he gets elected. The County is faced with many problems and a limited budget to work with, so there will be no miracles. But Trevor is a good candidate.

    • He is a great guy, I get it. But no reply to my questions. Generally sitting members of a Board should not endorse candidates, this could lead to Brown Act Violations. He mentions water, fire and ag. No mention of budget issues, which according to Bowtie Ted is the biggest problem facing the County. Bowtie says, he has not received financials for three years, but he has passed budgets in those years. How can you do that? D’Arcy Antle was the budget person in Carmel’s CEO Dream Team Office. They never ask her budget questions. This whole thing stinks!!!!!!!! So yes, I’m a little worried when Bowtie says on a radio show that the Board will endorse Mr. Mockell. What backroom deals have been made? You know I heard that Joe Biden was a great guy, look at the shit show he has created.

        • Here it is December, and I’ve gotten to know Trevor a bit more. I’m very concerned that he will not be able to stand up to the Executive Board and other BOS members who disagree with him. I think Adam Gaske is a stronger candidate. And Cline has massive support, so who knows.


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