Monday, May 29, 2023

Candidate Carrie Shattuck Promises to Eliminate Wasteful Spending as Mendocino County’s 1st District Supervisor

The following is a message to residents of Mendocino County’s 1st District from supervisorial candidate Carrie Shattuck. Please note, we do not endorse any specific candidate.

1st District Supervisor Carrie Shattuck [Image from her election literature]

I am a lifelong resident of Mendocino County. I have been the owner of a trucking company, school business manager and caregiver, to name a few. I have attended each of the Board of Supervisor meetings for over a year and believe our county needs strong business leadership and direction, which I am capable, eager, and willing to give.

There needs to be a standard of accountability and follow-through on many current issues. My priority would be to scrutinize each line of the county budget to eliminate wasteful spending. Those dollars could be refocused into our neglected roads placing focus on the maintenance of our thoroughfares.

Another area of focus would be directing attention to business development in Mendocino County. We need to look to making our area attractive to potential businesses by advocating for the development of pro-business county regulations.

I want to speak on behalf of everyone. I will be a public servant for the People!

Please vote for me March 5, 2024

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Votecarrie2024@gmail.com or call me (707) 489-5178

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  1. Well you cannot promise to “eliminate wasteful spending”. Since you would only be 1/5 of the vote for anything. You can vote to eliminate wasteful spending, you cannot promise you WILL eliminate it. Very likely you will not. The word promise means, assure someone that one will definitely do, give, or arrange something; undertake or declare that something will happen.

  2. Gosh, a real business owner running for office, instead some progressive political hack blubbering virtue and social justice to expand a county government dedicated to fat retirements. In a county of progressive fools, she may not have a chance, but she does have a heart.

    • Sounds like a bunch of Hogwash Blah Blah Blah wasteful spending and then making a promise that cannot be kept…….. eliminating wasteful spending when she only would have one vote, if voted in. I agree she does not have a chance.

  3. I agree that the budget needs tighter scrutiny and that business development should be a high priority. Ms. Shattuck does not appear to be a political hack, the likes of which have thrown county taxpaying residents under the bus. I will be looking at Carrie Shattuck’s candidacy as the election gets closer.

  4. Carrier Shattuck is an anti-science, anti-vaxxer and not someone we want leading this county. She has zero experience in government. Just no.

  5. Mendocino County stinks of broken government. Let me count the ways:

    Insider politics.

    Handpicked candidates.


    Rigged elections.

    Hidden deficits.

    Inaccurate or incomplete –or totally nonexistent — county financial statements.

    Lazy and lavishly overpaid bureaucrats, especially the county executive office and county counsel.

    Incompetent and lavishly overpaid bureaucrats, especially the county executive office and county counsel.

    Elusive and lavishly overpaid bureaucrats, especially the county executive office and county counsel.

    A never-ending parade of expensive outside consultants.

    A never-ending parade of expensive outside lawyers.

    Too many ad hoc committees, too many plans, too much blah-blah-blah, and too little execution and implementation,

    Too many disgruntled, isolated, overtaxed citizens simply shut out of the private club that is county government.

    Time to vote for change! Elect Mendocino County’s 1st District supervisorial candidate Carrie Shattuck!

    Candidate Trevor “Bullethead” Mockel is a joke.

    No resume. No skills. No experience. Never held a job for long. No maturity.

    In other words, no nothing.

    And his five endorsements from all five sitting members of the Board of Supervisors — endorsements which were all pretty much worded the same and all released simultaneously — is a Brown Act violation and clear evidence of “business as usual” from a broken government.

    Vote for change!

    John Sakowicz

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