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Ukiah Woman Concealed Her Mother’s 2013 Death and Hid Remains on Property

The following is a press release issued by the Ukiah Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 04-24-23, UPD was contacted by a male subject wishing to report suspicious circumstances following the recent death of his 58-year-old sister. The male, who resided out of state, had traveled to Ukiah after receiving information that his sister had been hospitalized. His sister had passed away earlier that day. 

He explained that his elderly mother had been residing in the same Ukiah home as his sister when he last had contact with his mother in 2013. In 08/2013 he was advised that his mother had passed away. His mother had been in poor health, so being told of her death did not arouse suspicion. He was advised by his sister that his  mother’s remains had been transported to a medical research facility in accordance with her wishes. His sister continued to live at the same Ukiah residence following their mother’s passing.

He stated he had gone to his sister’s residence over recent days to attend to estate matters. During his check of the residence, he found numerous financial documents in his mother’s name, including recent banking and checking account activity. This was odd as his mother’s accounts should have been closed for approximately ten years. Because of this, he contacted UPD. UPD Detectives were advised of the circumstances and assumed the investigation.  

During the investigation, detectives learned that there was no official record of the mother’s passing, such as a  death certificate, as would normally be done for any reported death. Based on the recent banking activity and lack of any documentation of the mother’s death, it was suspected that the sister had possibly hidden the death from officials in order to keep her mother’s accounts open. This would allow her to maintain access to her mother’s finances. Documents located in the residence supported this suspicion.  

As part of the investigation, a search of the property was conducted. Skeletal remains were located on the premises. These remains were then collected by the Coroner’s Office and later positively identified as the mothers. The County Forensic Pathologist examined the remains and determined the cause of death to be natural.  

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Based on all evidence gathered in the investigation, it was believed the sister had concealed her mother’s death from authorities in order to financially benefit via fraud following her mother’s passing. Due to the fact the sister was now deceased, a lack of additional investigative leads, and no evidence supporting a homicide, this case is no longer under investigation. 

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    • Ummm this poor woman who was defrauded in death passed away in 2013…last time I checked the time capsule there was no Covid during that time period. Also what does the daughter who allegedly defrauded her mother, cause of death have any bearing on anything?

      Sometimes I read these comments on articles and wonder what has happened to reading comprehension?? Or is this just a troll looking for attention?? I think I will go with the latter.

  1. I would prefer to be buried in the backyard with no casket. Dig a hole and throw me in. But those are my wishes. Who knows what this poor woman wanted. But the powers that be won’t allow me to be buried cheaply in the backyard. Nope. If you want a burial you have to fork over $15,000 to buy a plot and a high-end casket and a concrete encasement for the casket to go into and embalming. As required by law. It’s ridiculous but I guess that’s why Eversole Mortuary is the oldest business in Ukiah and on their 6th generation of ownership. It’s a money making scheme. With no shortage of customers. After a death certificate is issued dig a 6 ft deep hole and wrap me in a blanket and throw me in the ground so I can return to the Earth. But people will almost go to jail for not following the regulations now. Just ask our former congressman Dan Hamburg. He buried his wife in the backyard and nearly went to jail for it. Even though she was terminal. Cost him a ton of money before they said ok. The Coroner almost exhumed her over it.

    • Try cremation, you might have a better view and can breath better if you’re ashes are scattered above ground. Just a thought.

      • I think cremation is a waste of good carbon. I’d rather have the calories my body contains turned into nutrients in the soil. The life cycle will continue. Plus it takes a ton of energy to cremate a person. They use natural gas and it takes around 3 hours at 1800° in a retort to do the job. Just wanting to reduce my lifelong carbon footprint. Help out any way I can. Plus what if I get zombiefied. Can’t be reanimated if I’m ashes.

  2. A lot of funeral homes and cemeteries REQUIRE costly additions that are not required by law. Green cemeteries take advantage of this and are now charging as much as regular cemeteries. Best to find a small cemetery and get a plot soon as prices continue to go up. Or get a plot of land and start one with neighbors. The Calif consumer guide from the bureau of consumer affairs has a list of what funeral homes and cemeteries are supposed to follow. One section says you can have the family be the funeral director and do a natural burial. “https://www.cfb.ca.gov/consumer/funeral.shtml”

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