Monday, October 2, 2023

Come Experience the Season’s Bloom at the Jug Handle Creek Farm Spring Plant Sale on May 20th

The following is a press release from Jug Handle Creek Farm and Nature Center:

Wood rose [Photographs provided by Helene Chalfin]

Our plants coming out of winter dormancy into their spring bloom have inspired us to hold a late Spring Plant Sale at Jug Handle Creek Farm and Nature Center on Sunday, May 21st from 1 to 5 p.m.

Beautiful false Solomon’s Seal, Coast Lilies, Red columbines, Douglas Iris,  Red flowering currants, Western Burning Bush, and many other native herbaceous plants, shrubs, and trees are available for purchase. 

Jug Handle’s nursery carries over 200 species of wild-collected native plants of local genetic stock.  

The sale supports Jug Handle Creek Farm’s Restoration/Education projects with schools, youth groups and natural resource agencies.

Jug Handle’s Restoration/Education Nursery was started in 1992 to be part of our environmental education activities with local and regional schools and youth groups in partnership with natural resource agencies and to restore watersheds and natural habitats along the north coast.

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Pacific ninebark

Jug Handle Native Plant Nursery has accomplished 34 Restoration/Education projects since then, including the Caspar Gorse Eradication Project from 2020 to the present; native seed collection for the Coastal Trail;  restoration work in Otis Johnson Park in Fort Bragg;  streambank replanting with the Nature Conservancy at Smith Ranch on the Ten Mile River;  State Parks revegetation in Van Damme and MacKerricher State Parks and other Parks including Manchester—and many other projects along the North coast including streambank restoration along the Garcia River in partnership with Trout Unlimited, MESA Club students and Americorps Watershed Stewards members. 

We are currently raising a crop of Sitka Spruce trees for restoring the area above the cattail swamp in Jug Handle State Reserve. on the east side of Highway One; where the noxious weed gorse has been removed by State Parks crews. 

Our public plant sales each year raise the money to support Jug Handle’s native plant nursery and all of its restoration/education endeavors. 

Find native plant treasures, bee-friendly pollinator plants, medicinal plants;  native trees and shrubs at the nursery for your own home garden and to beautify your property.  

Doors open at 1 p.m.,  May 21st.  The nursery is located at 15501 N. Highway One, behind the red and white Farmhouse, on the East Side of Highway One. For information, contact Helene Chalfin (707) 937-3498  jughandle.ed@gmail.com

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