Saturday, September 23, 2023

Letter Writer Suspicious of District 1 Supervisor Candidate’s Use of a Campaign Management Firm

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To the Editor:

Did Madeline Cline, candidate for Mendocino County 1st District Supervisor, actually hire a campaign management firm?

Strategy Insights?

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Home – Strategy Insights (strategyinsightshq.com)

Dear Lord!

Talk about overkill!

Incidentally, Strategy Insight’s Chief Strategist and CEO, a guy named Max “Roadkill” Rexroad, says in his Linkedin page he wears two hats. Currently, he is also the Legal Counsel and President of Redistricting Insights, which he describes as, “one of the leading redistricting firms in the country. We manage dozens of districting and redistricting projects around the country for states, counties, cities, and special districts.”

I wonder what Roadkill’s retainer cost Ms. Cline.

I wonder what his hourly rate is.

John Sakowicz

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