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‘My Boys Were Delighted’: Willits Mom Loving the Small Town Vibes as Local Police Greet Elementary Students

Willits Police Department Sergeant Gray greeting Rhea Gaus and her kiddo before school [Picture from Rhea Gaus]

Willits mom Rhea Gaus took to social media to celebrate Willits Police Department officers meeting and greeting children as parents dropped them off for their school day.

She told us the officers opened the car door for her kiddos describing their presence as “quite reassuring for me as a parent.”

Like many parents, Gaus said, “I find myself worrying more about my kids’ safety, especially when I’m not with them.”

Gaus’s little one is excited the police officer is there

When dropping off her two boys at their respective schools, Blosser Lane Elementary and Brookside Elementary, she makes sure “they know I love them, just because…”

Gaus has always appreciated seeing school staff greet her boys every morning but was excited to see Willits Police officers had joined in this week standing at the entrance of the school cheerfully greeting students and opening car doors for the kids. Watching her boys smile and the officers kindly welcome them into their school day, “is quite an awesome scene.

Sergeant Gray meeting and greeting

Gaus told us she moved from to Willits from out of state around a year and a half ago where she lived in a city of over 100,000 people. There were not enough school resources officers, and so, there is also minimal interaction with the public.

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For Gaus, the Willits Police officers and school staff greeting her boys represented the small-town environment she envisioned moving to Willits

“It might be a simple gesture but it did not go unnoticed and we surely do appreciate it.”

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  1. This is not about greeting children. It is about scoping out parents & invading peoples privacy.
    My kid is a teacher now but any cop opens my car door without probable cause & they would be facing a lawsuit.

    • If you are a Teacher’s Dad then you should be more concerned about your child. It is the Teacher’s who are invading people’s privacy and pushing social justice instead of teaching. They are the biggest threat to children these days.

  2. As a former Leo and a officer who took protecting EVERYONES rights …and police get info through these pr stunts all the time.. i want you to be aware this was not a public relations stunt by police. This is along the lines of DARE and McGruff…and the “let us collect your kids DNA for safety purposes”.
    Every door they opened gave them a quick visual of parents and possibly of their lives. Many people lives and vices overflow into their cars.
    They may have been looking for someone or something in particular but not sure who or what car it might be in..especially If this was not a advertised event.
    Police use involvement with kids all the time expertly and trained to obtain information regarding parents and possible criminal activity.

  3. Cops are criminals posing as peace officers. I have never, in my 45yrs of life, encountered an honest or trustworthy cop!! They are taught & encouraged to LIE to you!!!! They seek only fineable offenses or arrest!! No interest in the truth, justice, your constitutional or civil rights at all. Never, EVER, trust a cop or concede your constitutional rights to these tyrannical cocksuckers!!

    • A little frenetic there you think?
      I imagine you have a long history of cops singling you out…picking on you…..”yea I was driving over 40 mph over speed limit but you cops hang out on my street waiting for me to drive by to catch me” or “I only busted her nose because she hit me first….you always take her side and arrest me!!!!”…”for the 20th time I’ll have your job asshole pig”
      Or wait…
      “You you jjjuust wwwait for me to llle. Leelee aa llleeeavvve the fuckin ba a bbba bar to stoopp me, I only had fiiii fooouuu two bbeeerrs pig, for the 21st tiiime i’llll have yyooouuurr= jjjjoobb.”…..

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