Saturday, September 23, 2023

Sheriff on Recent Cannabis Operations: Streams Altered, Firearms Seized, 22K Plants Destroyed

One of the sites law enforcement raided this week in Mendocino County [Pictures from MCSO]

Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall posted further information on a series of search warrants served across his county on illegal marijuana grows this last week.

Kendall reported that nine search warrants were served. “The locations of the search warrants ranged from Redwood Valley and Willits to the Bell Springs area in Northern Mendocino County,” he said. “Working with our state and local partners we seized over 22,500 marijuana plants along with 1,656 lbs of processed marijuana. Also seized were 17 firearms.”

Law enforcement arrested one person and others were detained during the service of the warrants. “I anticipate several more charges will be filed against others following further investigation,” Kendall wrote. “Serious environmental damage including stream alterations, trash in the waterways and water diversions were documented and investigations into these matters are continuing.” 

According to the Sheriff, “I continue to receive calls regarding illegal marijuana related issues in Mendocino County. Although we have been seeing a decline in illegal marijuana cultivations in many areas, it continues to be a problem.”

He added, “We are continuing to combat several issues directly linked to illegal cultivations including Violence, environmental damage and general intimidation of residents in our communities. Many folks who have come to our county to make a quick buck aren’t concerned with being good neighbors nor good stewards of our resources. Drug trafficking organizations are not good for any community.”

He went on to say, “I am currently working with state and federal partners to put more resources on the issue. I am optimistic we are making headway.”

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